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I'm thinking of calling Mario Williams the Susan Lucci of the NFL.

In the NFL's own infinite wisdom, Mario Williams was left hanging and dangling out of the AFC Pro Bowl team in favor of Jared Allen,   Kyle Vanden Bosch and Jason Taylor. This was despite having  14 sacks this season which is tied for third in the NFL.   But if you thought he was screwed before...... He was literally backstabbed  today.  

Due to a nagging injury sustained by Jason Taylor, the AFC had an open spot at DE.   Surely they would have taken the controversial #1 pick in the NFL draft last year.  The guy who had a much better year individually than Reggie Bush and Vince Young.  The guy who's proving the naysayers wrong and shutting critics up. 

Apparently logic need not apply in this situation.

Buffalo Bills defensive end Aaron Schobel ended up being the replacement for Jason Taylor on the AFC roster.  This was despite having only {get this}  6 and a half sacks in 16 starts this season.   If we want to draw comparisons, KC defensive end Tamba Hali had more tackles and had  7 and a half sacks this season. 

Congratulations, you've just given me one more reason not to give half of a damn about the Pro Bowl.