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Starting this week I am going to write every Friday about someone foolish in the world of sports. The debut of Friday’s fool goes to, drum roll, NBA commissioner David Stern. Why, you ask? Simple really. He is letting players get away with crap, just so the teams won’t lose their stars during the playoffs.

First Jason Kidd attempted to rip off the head of a New Orleans Hornets player going to the basket. Basically bouncing his head like it was a basketball. And what was the result. The official tossed him from the game, but no suspension. How do you get away with that kind of behavior?

Then, in the Celtics and Hawks Game 4 match up, several things occurred. First Zaza Pachulia head butted Kevin Garnett after Garnett fouled him. A head butt!? Really, who are you? Zinedine Zidane? Then, Kevin Garnett shoved a referee out of his way. That is unacceptable; both players should have been disciplined. Then, players from both benches stepped off the bench during the tussle. Last season, the Phoenix Suns and San Antonio Spurs had players suspended for that. If you are going to do it one season, do it the next too! And finally, he fined Paul Pierce for giving an inappropriate gesture during Game 3. WHAT!?! A gesture, that has been called a gang sign, but not sure how Pierce meant it, so this one is controversial.

David Stern, you are supposed to be a good commissioner, restore order to your league. Punish players when they are involved in inappropriate acts on the court. That is why David Stern is this weeks Friday’s Fool!

If anyone has suggestions for next weeks fool during the week, feel free to drop me an e-mail at or leave a comment.

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