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There are some times that I wind up being right and I wanted to be right all along.   This instance is DEFINITELY not one of these times.

It was a few weeks before the playoffs last year that I specifically expressed my full and outright disagreement with the Miami Heat rushing Dwyane Wade back for the playoffs.  If I recall correctly, I explained that rushing back D-Wade would run the risk of damaging his career in the long run.

It just might happen now.

It has been reported that Dwyane Wade's shoulder was extremely dislocated last year and that he had severe nerve damage. In fact, he had a reverse dislocation, which is very rare.

He is currently playing with a bruised and sore right shoulder as well as an injured shin.  Pat Riley even stated himself that it's painful for him to watch D-Wade play.

So then why in the name of Eddy Curry is he still playing????????????????

They knew good and hell well the full extent of the injury that Dwyane Wade had last year. They were overly concerned with his overall health.

And they still let him play.   

Pat Riley now says he's going to limit D-Wade's minutes. This makes no damn sense as the season is practically lost with the Heat being a lottery team at best.

Am I the only one that is absolutely appalled by the Heat's gross mismanagement of D-Wade's injury??  The gross mismanagement of the health and longevity of a guy who led them to the mountaintop of the NBA just two years ago!!

They knew full well that his style of play would put him at even greater risk.

And they STILL let him play.

Pat Riley is NOT stupid.  But it would be more than stupid to let D-Wade continue to play this season.

But judging on their previous actions, the Heat seem to be stuck on stupid.