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In Shall We Dance, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers are forced to deal with gossip and lies in the media. They were infinitely more graceful than Packer's GM Ted Thompson and estranged QB Brett Favre have been in dealing with a similar scenario, and they were on wheels! The movie was Astaire and Rogers seventh together. This would be the seventeenth season for Favre and the Packers and in both cases the fans (and the participants) have grown tired of the pairings. The stories of both revolve around a couple who wants to break up, but hates to think of life without the other. Somehow, the Gershwin number, Let's Call the Whole Thing Off, fits perfectly for Thompson and Favre:

Things have come to a pretty pass Our romance is growing flat, Cuz you like this and the other, while I go for this and that. Goodness knows what the end will be Oh I don't know where I'm at It's plain to see we two will never make one Something must done

You say Favre, and I say Fav-re You say rehire, and I say retire Favre, Fav-re Rehire, Retire Let's call the whole thing off

You like O-fence, and I like offense You like D-fence, and I like defense O-fence, offense D-fence, defense Oh, let's call the whole thing off But oh, if we call the whole thing off then we must part And, oh, if we ever part, then that might break my heart

So, if you like staying and I'd prefer trading In Green Bay you're staying and I'll give up trading For we, know we, need each other so we, Better call the calling off off Oh, let's call the whole thing off...