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If anyone just watched Monday Night Raw, you would have just witnessed perhaps the final time that you will ever see the Nature Boy. The 16 time world champion. The styling, profiling, jet flying, limousine riding son of a gun waved his final farewell in a tribute that featured Harley Race, Triple H, Greg Valentine, Ricky Steamboat, Arn Anderson, and members of the Four Horseman, Batista, and many others. We can talk about the impact that Hulk Hogan had on wrestling and it sure cannot be disputed, but this man wrestled for 35 years

And even in his final swansong at Wrestlemania, he turned back the clock and gave us one more great one. Whether it be NWA, WCW, or WWE, this man had the it factor on full display at all times. 

The void left by Steve Austin or The Rock is significant enough. Imagine the void left by a man with four decades of work to his credit. With all due respect to Hogan, his matches were in full decline 9 years ago, crashing with that AWFUL match against the Ultimate Warrior in his brief {and I do mean brief} return to WCW in 1999. Ric Flair indeed had a flair for the dramatic. Wrestling, {which is already on the decline in my opinion} just won't be the same.  

As a wrestling fan for the past 11 years, you've made Monday Nights for me and millions of others memorable and enjoyable. We move forward in hopes that we'll find a superstar that can at least measure up to 75% of your legacy, but those hopes grow dimmer and dimmer.

Thank you, Ric Flair... for Everything.

Enjoy your retirement.