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Things are getting testy in the nest of the Baltimore Ravens. They have yet to play a single game, either preseason or regular season and already they're fighting. Not just for jobs.

With each other.

Let's get ready to rumble.......

According to reports from the team, nearly all 85 players in the team's mandatory mini-camp were involved in a squabble Saturday at the team's practice facility in Owings Mills, Maryland, that began when offensive tackle Oniel Cousins and defensive tackle Amon Gordon threw punches after running back Allen Patrick was taken down hard on a burst up the middle. All the players surged toward the middle of the field, and it was nearly two minutes before peace was restored.

“Guys are competing, so tempers flare a little bit,” first year Raven head coach Jim Harbaugh said.

Later during practice, which was held indoors because of rain, defensive backs Corey Ivy and Frank Walker came to blows during a blocking drill.

In a way, that’s how Harbaugh likes it. Seeing two players fight on the practice field is nothing new, but to have the rest of the team join the fray is a sight not often seen on the football field. Yet none of the coaches immediately sought to restore peace, and defensive coordinator Rex Ryan was actually laughing as he stood in the background. If it takes a fight to get a team with as much talent as the Ravens have, then their opponents had best watch their backs. They better be intense, A 5-11 record last year cost your former head coach his job.

The Ravens open their 2008 season when the Cincinnati Bengals come to PSINet Stadium September 7th.