I love writing articles about Philly sports.  I'm a New York fan (Mets, Giants, Knicks, Rangers), but after the Eagles loss on Sunday, I have some closure on this NFL season. Let's face it: if the Cards win a Super Bowl, not many fans will really care, except for Steelers fans. The Steelers will still have a great history and they have the components to be good for a while, so their fans should still be happy with their state of the franchise. I know no Cardinal fans, and if I met one, I would wonder how they gained allegiance for a bad franchise (up to this year). The Cards can miss the playoffs forever after this year. All it takes is a team in that division to get a clue, and some big pieces retiring (Kurt Warner), or leaving (Anquan Boldin). So it's nice that my hated rivals, the Eagles, were denied their first Super Bowl win by a team I don't care about. I'll enjoy the Super Bowl party I go to, root for the Cards, and hopefully there will be some nice ladies there to distract the ass-whoopin the Steelers will probably deliver. I just hope that it's a ball game in the third quarter. The Eagles beat my Giants, but now I'm not too broken up about it.

Onto the Phillies... I'm glad that the Phillies don't want to lock up Ryan Howard to a long term deal, and would just rather go to arbitration every year with him. The guy wants 18 million, and by today's standards he's worth it. The Phillies might save a couple of million this year, and the next, but he is going to test free agency in 2011. This is 2009 and long term security would be nice for a guy who averages 50 HRs and 140+ ribbies a year. I think a 4 year deal at 65 million would be something he would have to consider. Make it incentive laden because when he's a free agent he's going to command at least 22 million a year. Throw in some of those Subway Philly Cheese footlongs he likes to devour. I don't want him in my division, and I really  don't even know why I'm suggesting this. I hope he signs with the Mets, or as far away as the Mets as possible in 2011. Maybe it's because most of Philadelphia reads at a preschool level, and it would take the Phillies front office a couple of years to get past the first two sentences of this article. Everybody else in this country, thanks for reading...

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