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PBI: Mock Madness 2008!

The Finals!

We had two very close matches in the semi's, one even coming down to a David Stern-esque tie-breaker.

#4 Google Fight


#23 Graduation Rate of Athletes

The Methods: Google fight is as simple as it sounds. Each school will have their School's name and mascot plugged into google fight and the winner is whichever ones gets the most Google Hits.

Graduation rate of athletes is also as simple as it sounds. Whichever school has a higher graduation rate will win.

The Semis: Google fight defeats the number one overall seed, Coin Flip, by a score of 11-10. While the Cinderella #23 seed Graduation Rate upset the 6th seed Cheerleader Uniforms on the tie-breaker. How are ties broken? You guessed it, I cast my vote. And I was still bitter over the Magic 8 ball going down in the elite 8.

So get voting and decide how you want me to choose my 2009 NCAA brackets.


Yes after much thought I realized that my original list of 35 contenders left out 2 very obvious ideas that deserve some scrutiny.

I-Ching VS Dice Roll

Yes if I do this next year the winner will be included and the loser left out. The I-Ching is an Ancient Chinese form of divination. It involves a series of 6 coin flips to build a hexagram. There the 64 possible hexagrams are each hexagram has a verse of poetry that when properly used can accurately predict the future. I will throw the I-Ching for each game in the tournament. I shall then reference the verse and compare it to the match-up to determine the outcome. Had I remembered this one a few weeks earlier I would have done it this year.

Dice Roll, yes, clear and simple I will roll two dice and whichever team's die rolls higher will be the winner.

So high-brow or low-brow which method is better?

Voting ends monday night!

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