It's Football Friday and the Super Bowl is only two days away! No matter how the game plays out, we can always count on a few things to make Super Bowl Sunday enjoyable: Commercials, snacks, and Box Pools! Since gambling is illegal, we decided to set up a free box pool with the half time winner and final score winner receiving a free ArmchairGM T-shirt!



  • First Come First Serve
  • ONE Box per registered user (double accounts will be monitored)
  • Box Numbers will be chosen shortly before kickoff
  • Half Time and Final Score winner receives the T-Shirt in requested size
  • 1st and 3rd quarter winners receives "The Gameplan" DVD


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  • Find unclaimed box number, and sign your name -- ex: [[User:Pean|Pean]]
  • Eat lots of snacks
  • Enjoy the game!

Box Pool Rules

A 10 x 10 grid (table) is set up. Players pick boxes in the grid. All 100 boxes need to be picked. Once all boxes are picked, numbers zero through nine are randomly picked and placed above each column and to the left of each row in the grid. Winners are determined based on the scores at the end of each quarter of the game. Take the right most single digit of each team's score to determine which row and column to look in. For example, if the score was AFC team 20, NFC team 14, you would go down the column with the "0" above it, and across the row with the "4" to the left of it, to locate the winner for that score.

The Box

The ones digit of Giants score is the top row; the ones digit of the Patriots score is the left column.

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