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We all know and love (or possibly hate) the phenomenon known as Power Rankings. They provide just about anyone an opportunity to give their opinion on who the best teams are each week in any given league. But don’t we owe it to ourselves to know who the bad teams are as well? Sport Crack] is proud to present a new weekly feature: The Powerless Rankings (Now with good teams at the end so you don‘t have such a bad taste in your mouth afterwards)!

This weeks edition features the Padres still holding strong down in the cellar, a familiar face to the bottom five making an unsurprising return and no real mix-ups or surprises to speak of in the top five. Unless your one of the people who are still waiting for the wheels to fall off the Diamondbacks bandwagon and for it to crash into a bed of cacti.


26. Cincinnati Reds (14-21, LW: 28)

The bad news: The Reds have dropped six of their last eight. The good news? Those two wins came against a very strong Chicago Cubs team. Potential for more bad news: Their next seven games are against the New York Mets and Florida Marlins.

Prognosis: Their remaining May schedule is perhaps the toughest in the league. Don’t expect them to be absent from the Powerless Rankings next week.

WashNationals logo.png

27. Washington Nationals (15-21, LW:27)

Just when they got out of the Powerless Rankings, their teams performance has pulled them back in. At least they’re showing that they might not be the worst team in the league, which is always a plus.

Prognosis: The offense has been putting up some runs and Tim Redding is having a solid season so far. They’re may be hope for them yet.

Amariners logo.gif

28. Seattle Mariners (14-23, LW: NR)

The Mariners are 2-10 so far for the month of May. The offense is the obvious problem and it will be a shame if they don’t get it together soon, because the pitching staff have been putting up some respectable outings. Will Felix Hernandez be the next great dominant pitcher? I think so.

Prognosis: They need some run output and with Richie Sexson suspended for the next 5 games, they may have some trouble doing so.


29. San Francisco Giants (14-22, LW: NR)

Dropping six of eight games won’t put you in the conversation for top teams in the league, that’s for sure. Luckily for the Giants, they have some promising players on both sides of the ball. Aaron Rowand for the offense and Tim Lincecum for the pitching staff, both of whom have been trying to will the Giants into some wins and have had some success.

Prognosis: With their upcoming seven games at home, now is a good time to turn things around.

And the loser is...


30. San Diego Padres (12-24, LW: 30)

Back to back honors for the most powerless team in the league. Congratulations San Diego. Their pitching continues to be strong, with Jake Peavy being lights out pretty much every start. The offense is still struggling to put up enough runs to win in conjunction with a strong pitching performance, so until they do…

Prognosis: Don’t expect them to go anywhere... especially until they play as a whole team that someone other than their mothers can love! (</forced Mother's Day reference>)

Mediocre Mentions: Colorado Rockies, Kansas City Royals

Now, on a lighter note…

Powerful Rankings


5. Chicago Cubs (20-15, LW: 5)

Kosuke Fukudome is looking like one hell of a pickup for the Cubs organization.


4. Los Angeles Angels (22-15, LW: 4)

Another year, another solid Angels performance. Not surprising in the least.

Boston red sox logo.jpg

3. Boston Red Sox (23-15, LW: NR)

After a shaky start to the season, the Red Sox have finally gotten into a groove and the offense has finally decided to show up.


2. Oakland Athletics (22-15, LW: 2)

Wasn’t this supposed to be a pseudo rebuilding year for them? The players it seems, feel otherwise.

And the winner is...


1. Arizona Diamondbacks (23-13, LW: 1)

They continue to win and they continue to prove people wrong each week. Is it all a fluke or are the Diamondbacks really this good?

Honorable Mentions: St. Louis Cardinals, Florida Marlins, Philadelphia Phillies

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