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Interleague play starts up again today for all teams save for the Chicago Cubs and Pittsburgh Pirates.

Could this be the year the National League will get more interleague wins than the American League? Time will tell. It hasn't happened since 2003.

The New York Yankees have the best interleague record overall at .589 (113-79). The Florida Marlins are the best in the NL with a .565 record (105-81).

Many interesting games are scheduled. Such as the start of what could be the final Subway Series in the current Yankee Stadium. The Freeway series resumes in Anaheim, as the "Los Angeles Angels" host the Los Angeles Dodgers. A.J. Pierzynski returns to San Francisco. The Lone Star Series resumes as well, in Arlington, and the Oakland A's battle (okay not very creative) the Atlanta Braves in Atlanta.

I always enjoy seeing AL pitchers bat.

It'll be the first time David Purcey for the Toronto Blue Jays swings the bat at the MLB level, as he made his MLB debut only April 18.

Jeremy Sowers of the Cleveland Indians is 1 for 1 with a single, and a BB. He made his MLB debut June 25, 2006.

Brett Tomko of the Kansas City Royals has had plenty of batting experience having played mostly in the NL. Career he is batting .157 in 451 at bats, and drew 19 base on balls. He made his MLB debut May 27, 1997 for the Cincinnati Reds.

Dana Eveland of the Oakland Athletics has had no hits in his 8 ABs, 4 being strikeouts. His MLB debut was July 16, 2005 for the Milwaukee Brewers.

Andy Sonnanstine of the Tampa Bay Rays has had 2 hits, including 1 RBI, in 5 ABs, including 2 strikeouts. He made his MLB debut June 5, 2007 with the the Rays.

It'll also be the first time Nick Blackburn swings at the MLB level for the Minnesota Twins. He made his MLB debut September 3, 2007.

Jeremy Bonderman of the Detroit Tigers could use the some more time at batting practice, as he is only 1 for 25 (.040), with 15 Ks. His only hit came last year, and he came around to score after the base hit. His MLB debut was April 2, 2003.

Gavin Floyd of the Chicago White Sox isn't doing much better than Bonderman. He is 2 for 42 (.048), with 22 strikeouts. Both hits were base hits with the Philadelphia Phillies (2005 and 2006), and he didn't score a run either time. He made his MLB debut September 3, 2004 with the Phillies.