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In a few short hours, the NBA Playoffs will kick-off with the Wizards/Cavaliers Game 1 (12 PM ET). So, I thought I would share my last minute Playoff Predictions, with a ssentence or two on why they'll win.

Round 1:

Eastern Conference

(1) Celtics over (8) Hawks

There is no way that KG, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen are going to fall in the first round. In fact, I have the Celts going all the way to the Finals. Celtics will sweep the Hawks in four games.

(2) Pistons over (7) 76ers

The Pistons are going to sweep the Sixers, like the Celtics. I don't have the Pistons going to the Eastern Conference finals, but they are a great team, and will have no trouble beating out the seventh seeded Sixers.

(3) Magic over (6) Raptors

Dwight Howard is on a mission, and that's to win the championship, obviously. The Eastern Conference is a weak conference, so I don't see there being any first round upsets.

(4) Cavaliers over (5) Wizards

LeBron took his team to the Finals last year with a mediocre team. So, how is Gilbert Arenas and the Wizards from Washington going to stop him? LeBron runs all over the Wizards in 5.

Like I said, sorry, but there won't be any first round upsets in the East. The closest there will be to an upset is the Cavs/Wizards series.

Western Conference

(1) Lakers over (8) Nuggets

Kobe, and Gasol will dominate. I think this could be Kobe's year. Not only does he have a good shot at MVP, but he also has a good chance in this year's playoffs. Lakers take it in 5.

2008 is Kobe's year

(2) Hornets over (7) Mavericks

The Mavs have really struggled this season, having ups and downs throughout the regular season. I believe that Dirk Nowitzki and the Mavs will have a second consecutive early departure in the Playoffs this year, falling to New Orleans in 6.

(6) Suns over (3) Spurs

I am pulling for the 3-6 upset in this one. I think Shaq, and Nash will step it up a notch, and defeat the favored, and defending champion Spurs in 7 games.

(4) Jazz over (5) Rockets

Being without Yao in the playoffs will hurt the Rockets, although they did make it here without him. This series will go into 7 games, but Utah will come out the winner.

Conference Semifinals:

Eastern Conference

(1) Celtics over (4) Cavaliers

LeBron's quest for another Eastern Conference Championship ends here. The Kevin Garnett/Paul Pierce tandem will be too much for King James to defend.

(3) Magic over (2) Pistons

Dwight Howard will dominate Billups, Hamilton, and Wallace (Rasheed). Howard will lead his third seeded Magic to the Eastern Conference Championship.

Western Conference

(1) Lakers over (4) Jazz

The Jazz just aren't talented enough to beat out the number 1 seed in the strong Western Conference. Kobe leads LA to a 4 games to 2 victory.

(6) Suns over (2) Hornets

New Orleans just doesn't have enough playoff experience to knock off the veteran Suns. CP may be a great player (and is an MVP candidate), but I don't think he has enough experience to knock off the Big Cactus, and the Canadien (Steve Nash).

Conference Finals:

(1) Celtics over (3) Magic

The Celtics have been the NBA's best team to many people since they signed KG, and Ray Allen over the offseason. Now, it's time for them to prove it. Boston wins the Eastern conference, and will play in the NBA Finals! What a surprise.

(1) Lakers over (6) Suns

Shaq and Kobe meet again. Kobe Bryant, once again, shows O'Neal up by defeating his Suns in 6 games.

2008 NBA Finals:

I am pulling for a classic Celts/Lakers NBA Finals. That would be pretty fun to watch. I believe it's Kobe's year, and he will go on to lead the Lakers from LA to another Championship.

(1) Lakers over (1) Celtics in 7 games

Kobe has had a monster year, and although some of you guys aren't believers, I believe he can do it, and beat out the Eastern Conference Champs, and NBA Finals favorites.

LA is your 2008 NBA Champions

MVP: Kobe Bryant

There you have it, BBB15's NBA Playoff Predictions for the year 2008.