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Batter Team (B) Inning Pitcher Team (P) Situation
Vladimir Guerrero (3) Angels 4th Nate Robertson (4) Tigers 1 on, 1 out, 0-0
Curtis Granderson (2) Tigers 4th Ervin Santana (3) Angels 0 on, 0 out, 0-4
Jason Giambi (4) Yankees 2nd Paul Byrd (5) Indians 0 on, 2 out, 0-1
Jason Giambi (5) Yankees 4th Paul Byrd (6) Indians 1 on, 2 out, 1-1
Hideki Matsui (4) Yankees 6th Paul Byrd (7) Indians 0 on, 2 out, 3-5
Jhonny Peralta (5) Indians 5th Andy Pettitte (2) Yankees 2 on, 2 out, 1-3
Franklin Gutierrez (2) Indians 5th Andy Pettitte (3) Yankees 0 on, 2 out, 2-3
Jayson Werth (4) Phillies 3rd Zach Duke (1) Pirates 0 on, 1 out, 2-0
Jason Bay (5) Pirates 4th Adam Eaton (2) Phillies 0 on, 1 out, 6-1
Kelly Johnson (4) Braves 6th Mike Pelfrey (3) Mets 1 on, 1 out, 3-3
Nick Johnson (3) Nationals 1st Ryan Dempster (2) Cubs 1 on, 2 out, 0-0
Wil Nieves (1) Nationals 9th (GW) Bob Howry (2) Cubs 1 on, 1 out, 3-3
Justin Morneau (6) Twins 3rd Kevin Milwood (2) Rangers 3 on, 0 out, 1-0
Lyle Overbay (1) Blue Jays 7th Zack Greinke (2) Royals 0 on, 1 out, 1-1
Carlos Lee (5) Astros 9th Jason Isringhausen (1) Cardinals 0 on, 2 out, 2-2
Mark Reynolds (7) Diamondbacks 3rd Randy Wolf (2) Dodgers 2 on, 2 out, 2-0
Brandon Phillips (3) Reds 9th Jonathan Sanchez (3) Giants 0 on, 0 out, 0-3

For the people who have not been introduced to the "Home Runs of the Day" yet, let me just clarify a couple of things:

  • The "situation part" (the part that states the score) is the score BEFORE the home run is it.
    • And, on a second note, the first part of the score is the score of the home run hitter's team. The second number represents the opponent's team.

Another Walkoff for the Nats

That's right, the Washington Nationals have won another game off of a walk-off homer, but for once, it's not Ryan Zimmerman saving the day. Wil Nieves, a backup catcher for Washington, hit a two run homer in the ninth inning to seal the deal in the Nationals' win over the Chicago Cubs. This was the first time the Cubs played a game in the new Nationals Park.

It took Nieves about 5 1/2 years to hit his first homer of the season AND career (his first Major League game was with the San Diego Padres on July 21, 2002). Some first home run, huh? He has been playing professional baseball for 13 years, but has played in only 70 Big League games. No one really gave him a chance to actually play due to the fact that he didn't really hit well in his first 28 games as a Padre, hitting .181 with only 3 RBI's. The only issue that Nieves had was the fact that he couldn't hit. He was hitless in his first 7 at-bats until In 7 games so far this season, he has hit .350 with a homer and a .500 SLG. I'd expect to see more from him, regardless if he doesn't have much experience.

Morneau Recognized in AGM (Possibly First Time Ever During 2008)

Justin Morneau drove in all 5 RBI's for the Twins on the 25th, but it still wasn't enough to beat the Rangers.

There has been so much chit-chat about Johan Santana moving to the New York Mets and Torii Hunter moving to the Los Angeles Angels that we forgot all about one of the only decent players remaining on the Minnesota Twins: Justin Morneau... you know, the guy who won the AL MVP award in 2006 (<sarcasm> OH YEAH! Now I remember </sarcasm>). Well, not only does he have 6 home runs now, but that 6th home run was a key home run, even if it was only in the 3rd inning. Morneau hit a big grand slam against Texas Rangers' Kevin Millwood (which was his second home run surrendered this season. Nick Blackburn wasn't able to secure the win though, as he allowed 5 runs later on that inning, tying the game at 5, and eventually sending the teams to extra frames. Morneau's grand slam was overlooked, as the Rangers won the ballgame 6-5 off a David Murphy game winning single in the bottom of the tenth.

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Homer of the Day (April 24, 2008)

And the Homer of the Day for April 24, 2008, goes to...

Brian Roberts! (4 votes)

Down 5-0 in the top of the 4th, the Baltimore Orioles were able to come back and defeat the Seattle Mariners 8-7 in an astounding comeback. Inning by inning, the O's quietly got back into the game and the game was actually tied up. With an Ichiro 2 run homer in the bottom of the 7th, the Orioles were due to get yet another run. Brian Roberts was able to do so in the second pitch of the inning. With Sean Green on the mound, Roberts drove a 1-0 mislocated fastball in the inside part of the plate into the third row of the right field seats for a leadoff game winning homer.

On a side note, this game was Sean Green's 100th game that he's pitched in, and only his 5th home run surrendered of his career. Pretty impressive.

Others who reveived votes:

(For the first time ever in the AGM's "Homer of the Day", the voting was unanimous, as Roberts got all 4 votes.

(We need more votes than 4 though. C'mon guys. Your vote really does count)

On Another Matter:

I apologize for procrastinating, once again. I've just been really busy with catching up on my APs. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you waiting for these. Thanks guys, for your support.

I haven't been getting any feedback on this (I've gotten 2 or 3 comments about this) what do you guys think if I put the players in alphabetical order? What about inning by inning? Or do you guys like it just the way it is? I'd appreciate it if you guys could give me feedback on what I should do. Thanks in advance.