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Allow me to re-introduce myself... I'm T-R-I to the Z-Z, Sox and Celts are the champs the Pats teased me. Okay, enough of that.

The NBA draft this year had its highs and lows, but of course, no one cares about the draft itself. It's the smart-asses of the world that talk smack afterwards. And a draft just isn't a draft if Trizz doesn't throw his 2 cents in:

The Winners of the Draft

Gold: The Miami Heat

D-Wade, Lionel Chalmers, and Michael Beasley on the same squad is a great core to rebuild around, but of course, if D-Wade continues to fall down that Penny Hardaway route and the Heat don't somehow grab a big man, this will be all for naught.

Silver: My secret favorite team, the Indiana Pacers

They got rid of the old and completely rebuilt, but unlike teams like the Charlotte Bobcats and Memphis Grizzlies, this team can win now, not to mention Jim O'Brien will remain my favorite coach until Doc Rivers at least wins 3 'ships.

Bronze: The Los Angeles Clippers

I know a lot of people aren't too fond of Eric Gordon, but I like him. Especially in a backcourt with a much taller Shaun Livingston, it's a match made. Of course, many know how fond I am of DJ Augustin and would've love to see him go ANYWHERE besides Charlotte, which is becoming the place where college prospects go to die but I think the Clippers will make a splash... next year.

They Blew It...

Aluminum: The New York Knicks

Surprise surprise. I don't care what optimistic fans tell you, I'm not sold on this Gallinari guy. They could've done much better. He's a late 1st rounder at best. I guess Isiah Thomas turned the whole organization dumb.

Plastic: The Minnesota Timberwolves

I don't like Kevin Love period. They have a 20-10 guy in Al Jefferson, so what will Love do besides get 6 fouls? And while Mike Miller might fit in nicely, you don't pass on an O.J. Mayo after you give away your franchise player. Plus, he won the championship Minneapolis been yearning for over a decade.

Paper: The Dallas Mavericks

You fired your best coach in years, you now have an 36 year old running your offense and completely in denial that your "superstar" can't get it done. Looks like an early entry in the DeMar DeRozan sweepstakes if you ask me.

Get My Walkers Rants On

I like J.J. Giddens, but I don't see him doing much here.

None of the Detroit Pistons picks will make the roster.

Joe Alexander is so perfect for the Milwaukee Bucks, it's ridiculous.

Kosta Koufos is so perfect for the Utah Jazz, it's ridiculous.

Robin Lopez should've stayed in school.

The Sacramento Kings just gave up completely.