Article:Hamels dealt "low blow" by Phils

From: The Sports Point

Philadelphia Phillies ace Cole Hamels felt he was disrespected in his recent contract negotiations with the club and should have been paid more coming off a season in which he posted a 15-5 record and was named to the all-star team. The pitcher requested $750,000 but only received between $490,000 and 500,000, a raise of 25% from the $400,000 he was paid last season.

Hamels had this to say in response when asked if he was angry with the renewal offered to him by the club,

> "I'm not angry," Hamels said, searching for a word. "I just feel a little ... I can't think of a good word. I'm a little surprised. It's about respect, and when people don't show that to you, you're caught off guard. I thought it was a low blow."

This article brings up a good point that at the same points in their career that Scott Kazmir and Chien-Ming Wang, similar pitchers to Hamels, were paid less then he will be paid this upcoming season.

Despite feeling slighted Hamels was sure to express his interest in being a member of the Phillies organization for a long time to come,

> "I love playing here, and I don't want to face Chase [Utley] and Ryan," Hamels said. "I'd rather be teammates with them for a long time."

Both of these guys he mentions in this quote have been through similar situations with the Phillies, but unlike the lefty have been less vocal about their displeasure. The organization awarded Utley with a lucrative $84 million extension last year for his patience and Ryan Howard will almost surely receive the same type of compensation when the team is forced to give him one based on years of service. Don't feel bad for the power hitting first baseman he recently won his arbitration case and will get paid $10 million this year, over $9 million more then he earned last season.

Hamels irked over money matters (