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I'm from Chicago and I live and die by Chicago sports. As many Chicago fans know, there are many rumors going around that Wrigley Field might have a name change. Whether your from Chicago or not Wrigley wouldn't be the same if it wasn't called Wrigley, the same is true for Fenway and other major sports arenas. While I was watching the NBA Finals this year, I thought about the TD Banknorth Garden and I realized how terrible a name that is for such a historic arena. I know that it isn't the same building but the Boston Garden is still the Boston Garden. It has the same fans and the same amazing atmosphere. I was thinking why not try and make a statement, as fans, to try and change the name back to the Boston Garden.

While I was rooting for the Celtics in the finals I am not a diehard fan but I am sports fan and the world of sports needs the Boston Garden, not the FleetCenter or the TD Banknorth Garden or as Bill Simmmons so eloquently puts it, "Whatever The Hell The Garden's Called Now." Why can’t the name of the arena just officially be named the Boston Garden? If the TD BankNorth, or Commerce Bank or whatever their new name will be after their merger (see article) still want their name in the Arena, they can call it “The Boston Garden presented by TD Commerce Back” or even the “TD Boston Garden.” Theoretically, their name will be in the title but the Garden will be called what it should have been called since 1997 when the old Boston Garden was torn down and the FleetCenter was built.

Over the last four years the Garden has gone through 3 different name changes not including the series of daily name changes that occurred in early 2005 when arena owner Delaware North Companies auctioned off naming rights each day to raise money for charity. The Garden has basically gone through hundreds of name changes over the last 5 years and it is time to settle on the one that it has been since 1928, “The Boston Garden.” The people of Boston need to know that their beloved Basketball and Hockey Arena will have one name, a name that can last for a long time.

In response, I have created a campaign on a social action website to try and do something about it. If you want to check it out you can see it here:

If you care about this, the actual action isn't very difficult. All we want to do is make sure TD Banknorth knows that the fans care. All you have to do is join the campaign, tell your friends, and wait until the tipping point is reached and we can all do something together. Thanks

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