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On the eve of the greatest win and then subsequently the greatest week in the history of this franchise, things just got better.  With the Super Bowl in hand, the biggest worry for me and many Giants fans was how the New York Giants organization would hold on to the amazing Steve Spagnuolo and ward off the enticing offers from many teams with head coaching vacancies including the division rival Washington Redskins.

Looks like the Redskins will have to settle for Fassel. 

The Giants higher-ups wasted no time in locking Spagnuolo for another three years and 6 million dollars.  Spagnuolo becomes the highest paid defensive coordinator in the NFL.  I would have paid him 5 miliion a year if he asked.  He's that damn good.   Plus, it's good to see a team let alone my favorite team invest in a great D-coordinator.  We've seen far too many times the effects of a great D-coordinator or O-coordinator going elsewhere.

The Giants did the right thing like Spike Lee.