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Its ads were the talk of all the water coolers in the country a few years ago. Last year, it featured a somewhat cleavage-blessed young lady whose top was coming loose. This will not be the case in Super Bowl 42. Fox has pulled the plug on Go, who has drawn the ire of censors and the FCC since 2005 and will not advertise on the big game February 3rd.

The Scottsdale-based domain name registrar, which gained notoriety for having its racy ads rejected every year since censors pulled one in 2005, has submitted 10 versions of various ads so far, said chief executive officer Bob Parsons. According to Parsons, he showed the rejected ad to some people, who thought it was funny. The ad featured auto racer and Go Daddy spokeswoman Danica Patrick and an animated version of the dam-building mammal, Parsons said this week in his blog. He declined to reveal the story line Wednesday, but said Fox rejected the ad because an actor used the word "beaver" three times in the ad. The term is also slang for part of a woman's anatomy.

Parsons said Fox would have approved the ad if it used a term such as "furry friend" or "little engineer that specializes in building small dams."

He refused to change it.

"I did a lot of things for this country," Parsons said. "I was in the military, I pay a lot of taxes, and I think I've earned the right to call a beaver a beaver."

Parsons said the company will run the rejected ad on its Web site Feb. 3 on Super Bowl Sunday, and try to get the ad approved for use on cable TV.

The alternative ad shows people watching the Super Bowl and talking about the rejected ad, Parsons said.

He called the latest submission "unlike anything we've done" and said he expected that ad, which has been rejected once, to go through with one revision.

"I'm to the point where I just want an ad approved," Parsons said.

The company has one advertising spot in the 2008 game broadcast and is considering buying another, he said.