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With 2008 right around the corner, the staff at Fantasy Insider Online takes a look back at the year that was in sports. All of the FIO writers were polled, and the outcome - the best (and worst) players, stories and accomplishments of 2007. Award winners, as well as some Honorable Mention candidates and commentary by the FIO writers, can all be found in the following Best (and Worst) of 2007 Awards.

Athlete of the Year : Floyd Mayweather Jr. Love him or hate him, 2007 belonged to "Money" Mayweather. Entering the year, boxing seemed like a sport on the decline, with the heavyweight division in shambles and MMA growing exponentially. All Mayweather did was dismantle two of the greatest fighters of this era, help to revolutionize promoting with both of his HBO 24/7 reality series, and notch the two largest PPV events in history. Most importantly, Floyd can now be considered one of the greatest fighters of all time and was an undeniable Champion in 2007; something Tom Brady can't claim (yet). - Adam Allen

Honorable Mention: Tom Brady, New England

Most Dominating Performance (Team - Season) : New England Patriots

Honorable Mention: Hendrick Motorsports

Most Dominating Performance (Individual - Season) : Jimmie Johnson Johnson had 10 wins during the season, and capped things off in '07 with three Chase consecutive Chase victories and his second Cup Title in a row. - Josh Lobdell

Honorable Mention: Kevin Smith, Central Florida

Most Dominating Performance (Individual - Game) : LeBron James, Cleveland - Game 5 of Eastern Conference Finals James scored the last 25 points for the Cavs, and 29 of the last 30, against the Detroit Pistons. He finished with 48 points, 9 rebounds, and 7 assists. That's just dumb. - Zach Harper

Honorable Mention: Adrian Peterson, Minnesota - 296 rushing yards vs. San Diego

Best Trash Talker of the Year : Chad Johnson, Cincinnati Johnson, a trash talk heavyweight, took the genre to a new level this season. After unleashing one of my personal favorites prior to Week 1, proclaiming that he was going to punch Ravens linebackers Ray Lewis and Bart Scott in the mouth, Johnson unveiled his new website,, where you can send personalized trash talk to your friends. This tactic has revolutionized trash talk worldwide. - Adam Allen

Worst Trash Talker of the Year : Jon Kitna, Detroit "I'll keep to myself what I think we actually will win. But it's more than 10 games." Enough said. - Adam Allen

Honorable Mention: Anthony Smith, Pittsburgh

Most Disappointing Athlete of the Year : Larry Johnson, Kansas City After a training camp hold-out and then signing a monster $45 million contract, LJ played in only eight games before getting injured. He was essentially put out of his misery, however, after only averaging 3.5 yards per carry and logging 4 total TD's. - Adam Allen

Honorable Mention: Andruw Jones, Atlanta (LA Dodgers)

Most Overrated Athlete of the Year : Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas

Honorable Mention: Reggie Bush, New Orleans

Best Sports Scene of the Year : Washington Redskins 10-Man Tribute to Sean Taylor Days after the tragic murder of Redskins safety Sean Taylor... (Read the full article here: FIO`s Best (and Worst) of 2007 Awards)