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Yes, this is a rant.

Adam Eaton flat out stinks. Last year, his 6.29 ERA was the worst starting ERA in the league. 6.29! It's almost unfathomable that a major league pitcher could be so consistently awful over the course of 30 starts.

Let's give plenty of credit to Pat Gillick for a historically stupid signing. Eaton never recorded more than 11 wins in a season, never pitched 200 innings, and never had an ERA under 4.00 at a pitcher's park in San Diego, yet Gillick deemed him worthy of a three-year, $24 million contract. I will make one positive statement about Adam Eaton. Even HE admitted last week that he's being paid more than what he's worth.

Fast forward to Spring Training. Eaton has been pounded in his two starts. Then, he complained about soreness in his back. Tests on his back this spring have come back negative. When the Phillies shut down Eaton last year after he complained about a sore shoulder, tests came back negative. Here's another reason why Eaton stinks. He's soft!

Every big league player feels aches and pains towards the end of a grueling season. Every player feels soreness during Spring Training as they get back into shape. Great players fight through it. Those who stink complain about it and make excuses.

I hope Eaton's "soreness" allows another Phillies pitcher to step up and claim the last spot in the rotation, although the Durbins (Chad & J.D.) haven't pitched much better. Travis Blackley is now a legit contenter, while Kris Benson is progressing nicely and could be ready by the end of April.

I don't care what Applebee's says. Eaton ain't good in the neighborhood. He can't pitch in the big leagues. He can't pitch underhand in a beer league softball game. He can't even pitch in a tee-ball game.

Phillies, you offered the money, so pay Adam Eaton what you're contracted to pay him. Just please don't let him bring that stench to the pitcher's mound anymore. He stinks.

End of rant.