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I don't have much of a life (for any one example look at any post from the " i have no life tag "). But the little bit of life that I do have has gotten in the way of my hawks games. No longer.

This Friday, the dish network dude came and I now have DVR. I have probably already watched six or seven episodes of flip that house and property ladder. Like to the point that I don't enjoy those shoes anymore.

I also DVR'd the last two Hawks games. The Hawks don't take kindly to DVRing. In fact, they hate it. They put up 10 point quarters to prove it.

Cleveland game

If Eric Snow is keeping your team in the game because of wide open missed lay ups and he is beating your point guard off the dribble, you may need to switch up the defensive strategy. Tyronn Lue is good for games like the Lakers, period. if he ain't scoring, he is a liability. plain and simple. Where was Anthony Johnson in the forth quarter? Where was Acie Law the whole game?

How did Woodson not recognize that Josh Smith was planning on winning the game for him? He willed them back to take the lead. For all those that criticize the Inspector for immaturity or lacking leadership. Taking over the game is a good sign of leadership in my book and not breaking things in the locker room after Woody effectively ended the take over is a pretty good sign of maturity. The closing minutes saw Woodson run Marvin in the post and Joe isolations. Eric Snow shut down Joe. How do you keep running that play after that? Eric Snow is not even on the team for his playing ability. Ahhhhhhh!

if you are going to give a technical foul to Ira Newble in the first half for looking at a ref, how are you not going to give a technical foul to LeBron? Dude wines after every miss. So do the Pistons while we are one the subject T them up. (side note: i love the technical foul because i can lean to my neighbor and say, "see, technically that was a foul." and then ridicule them for not having the comedic mind that i do.)

First the Clippers, and now the Cavs. Shorthanded teams play like the Spurs against the Hawks. Woody is no excuse. The Hawks should have beat this team with me coaching. Did I mention Eric Snow played?

Rockets Game 10 point second quarter. If I had this kind of performance at my job, a closed door meeting would ensue. Tito Horford needs to come in and bust some skulls.