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And they talk about Michael Irvin…Okay, so his favorite past time consists of lighting up a "bud" and then does his best chimney impression. Well, okay, so Irvin likes to smoke up, we all knew this and so did ESPN when they hired the controversial to show his ugly sourpuss and allow him to open his smoke stack in covering various aspects of the NFL for the network. Which in the end would end up being his demise…Because it wasn’t for the fact he wasn’t any good. Eighty percent of the shit found on the network now, is well shit!

Anyway, Michael Irvin gets the shaft for being a pothead/crackhead, but Chris Berman makes no bones about it that he Smuggles Codeine into this country. Perhaps this better explains to all of us out there where all Chris Berman’s gayisms come from! He’s always druged up!

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Go Blue Jays!

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