Congratulations to the Arizona Cardinals for making their first Super Bowl, especially since I had them beating Philly. My condolences to Donovan McNabb, a genuinely fine QB, whose life will now be a living hell for failing to get the Eagles to the Super Bowl again, despite overachieving to get this far. However, it's Kurt Warner who engineered the Cardinals unlikely run to Tampa, especially today throwing four touchdowns, including three to Larry Fitzgerald. He completed 21 of 28 passes for 279 yards with no interceptions and those 4 touchdowns.

Speaking of overachieving, Kurt Warner who started the season as Matt Leinart's backup is now passing his way into a pretty nice paycheck thanks to the bonuses [1] built into his contract. He earned $1.5 million in performance bonuses during the regular season and has already banked bonuses totalling $2 million for getting the Cardinals to the Super Bowl. He will get another $500,000 if the Cardinals can win in Tampa, doubling his salary. Not a bad few weeks of work, don't you think.

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