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Tiger Woods is simply the best golfer that has ever lived.

I grew up loving Arnie, I thought there would never be anyone as good as him. Then along came Jack, surely he would be the best ever.

But here we are watching a phenom perform better than all the past players. When he needs a shot he hits it, not some of the time, but all the time. He makes putts that are impossible look routine. He seems to will the ball into the hole at crucial times.

Will he win today? I don't know, but is there anybody out there that would bet against him? Certainly not me.

I consider myself very lucky to have watched Arnie and Jack in their prime, but watching Tiger is so special I can't put it into words. You almost have to be a golfer yourself to appreciate how good this young man is. I've been a club champion and have had a 0 handicap in my younger days, and all I can do is watch in amazement. Every time I think Tiger has done the impossible he does something even better.

Hail to the king, long live the Tiger.