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In 2005, the Seattle Mariners lost the second baseman who had been part of the 116-win season. They lost the guy that had won two Silver Slugger awards and three Gold Gloves in Seattle.

The Mariners saw the writing on the wall and traded him to the Minnesota Twins which was short-lived.

But now, Bret Boone is back in baseball.

He has signed a minor-league contract with the Washington Nationals, joining his brother Aaron (a utility infielder) and his father Bob (an assistant GM).

Has he cleaned up?

As an M’s fan, I used to love Boone. I would cheer for him when he was hitting home runs but I was also right there as the steroid scandal first broke.

In 2003, BALCO broke and Barry Bonds was seen as a pariah. The idea of steroids in the game started a landslide of speculation and accusation. He was then named in Jose Canseco’s book: “Juiced”.

Seattle watched as Bret shrank. We watched as his body got smaller and his stats went down. We listened as allegations arose about him.

When he was shipped to the Twins, we said good riddance. How could we do that to someone who had helped us win so much?

How could we hold our heads up when we had “stabbed him in the back”?

Guys fade as they get older, but it usually isn’t in one year unless there are extenuating circumstances.

As a baseball fan I wish him luck with the extension of his career, but as a Mariners fan I say thanks for nothing.