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Johan: What Does It Mean For Me?

Everyone in baseball is affected by the Johan Santana trade. This is a major shakeup of Kevin Garnettesque proportions.

Every AL Gm is going to roll out of bed smiling. Every NL GM might want to spend a few more hours in bed.

What does it mean for the Yankees? Well, Hughes and the Melk Man don't have to look over there shoulder anymore. They are safe and can concentrate on the upcoming season.

It also means that outside of interleauge play/playoffs we won't being see Yooooo-Han anymore. Whew. It also means that everyones worst fear of a Beckett/Santana one-two kick the groin won't be realized.

This is probably the ideal resolution to the Santana situation. He's out of the AL and the Yanks get to keep all their prospects.

I was all about a Johan trade but theres a point where the cost is more than the rewards. I didn't want to spend the next 7 years kicking myself in the ass while watching Phil flourish as Johan is on the decline of his career and.

So Yanks should be happy. Especially if Erik Berdard is moved out of our division. That alone should net two wins.

What does it mean for the Mets? Well alot and all of it is positive. The one and only downside in a Santana trade is the risk about his health/production over the haul of his soon to be biggest contract for a pitcher ever. He doesn't throw his slider as much, his home run rate is going up and he has a lot of miles on him. The move to the NL will probably revitalize him and he is by far the odds-on favorite win the Cy -Young this year. This move makes the Met's also probably the odds-on favorite to win the NL.

As mentioned the only risk in a Johan trade is giving up a top prospect (Huges, Lester, Ellisbury) and watching Johan flame out after 2-3 years. The reason this is a total slam dunk for the Mets is they didn't give up a top prospect.

Carlos Gomez, Philip Humber, Kevin Mulvey, and Deolis Guerra.

Gomez will probably be the longterm answer in CF for the Twins. He's really fast but hasn't developed power yet. He's a great defender as well but he isn't a stud prospect by any means. He isn't even the Met's best outfield prospect.

Humber and Mulvey are both eh arms. Upside of a number three at best, but figure to be middle of rotation guys.

Guerra seems to be the wild-card. I admittedly don't know a lot about him. I know he's a big 6-5 kid with a ton of upside. But, It's nearly impossible to assume how an 18 year old pitching prospect will turn out. Maybe he's a star in 4-5 years or maybe we never hear from him again.

So this brings me to my next point....Why couldn't the Yankees get him for a similar package? For arguments sake let's make a comparable package with Yankee prospects.

Gomez: Austin Jackson, Jose Tabata, Melky....take your pick Humber: Kennedy/Horne...take your pick Mulvey: Jeff Marquez/Humberto Sanchez Guerra: Delin Belintances

Anyway kudos to the Met's and to Omar. The biggest risk they took on in the this trade is a financial one. And with a new ballpark and a new stud pitcher it's one they could definitely take afford.