Just when you thought that the Milton Bradley show couldn't get any worse...

Bradley's latest antics involves comments made by an announcer. Not from the Texas Rangers broadcast team. From another team, praising his teammate Josh Hamilton for getting his ducks in a row and then making the statement "It doesn't seem like Milton Bradley has done the same thing in his life."

The comments that set Bradley's latest tirade off came from Kansas City's Ryan Lefebvre, son of former Major League player and manager Jim Lefebvre. Those words made Bradley want to pay a visit to the announcer's booth. In the middle of the game, a game that his team, the Texas Rangers, won last Wednesday night.

Is it time for more anger management for Bradley? I am leaning to think so. This guy's got talent up the wazoo. But that talent will do you no good if you're contanstly getting his fat out of the fire.  He gets into trouble in Los Angeles when someone throws a water bottle at him and he goes off like the Hulk. Then last year with the Padres, who are fighting for their playoff lives, he gets into it with umpire Mike Winters, who has his own history of baiting players.

There was some good that came out of this. Rangers general manager Jon Daniels interceeded and stopped Bradley from going further. Thank goodness. In a post game interview, Bradley said that "I've never harmed a human being." It's time for an intervention before it reaches that point. He's too talented a player to have to go through that.

Maybe the Rangers and MLB can help Bradley in the right direction. He's a player that if I were a GM, I'd want him on my roster but on a very short leash. Let's hope the Rangers get the message.