Patriot fans everywhere are buying plane tickets to Arizona in hopes of witnessing perfection.  In what was a very close game, the Patriots sealed their trip to the Super Bowl with a 21-12 victory in Gillette Stadium.

The game was far from normal for the Patriots as they struggled to get control over a team they were favored to beat by more than two touchdowns.  Tom Brady through three interceptions and was only 22 of 33 from the field after displaying an almost perfect passing game the week before.  The San Diego Chargers; however, were unable to capitalize on any of the turnovers with more then a field goal.

With the passing game slowed down, New England relied heavily on running backs Laurence Maroney and Kevin Faulk in the second half. Maroney finished with 122 yards and a touchdown in the third quarter. Faulk had eight catches for 82 yards to lead his team in receiving.

The Chargers defense was able to do their part by holding the Patriots to only three touchdowns and picking off Tom Brady three times.  The offense showed they were able to drive the length of the field repeatedly, pushing the defense back on their heals.  The steel reserve of the New England defense was able to hold the Chargers on each drive forcing them to settle for four field goals.

Although injured, Phillip Rivers was able to put together a very well played game.  He passed for 211 yards on 19 of 37 from the field and yielded only two interceptions.  With LaDainian Tomlinson taken out of the game after only two carries in the first half, Michael Turner and Darren Sproles carried the load giving their team 99 yards on 22 carries.

The New England Patriots will play the winner of the NFC Championship between the New York Giants and the Green Bay Packers.

Key Plays

Antonio Cromartie snagged a pass from Tom Brady in the first quarter to give himself 10 interceptions on the year.  Wes Welker brought down a 6 yard pass for a touchdown in the early minutes of the fourth quarter to put the Patriots up by 9.  The Patriots last drive drained the remaining 9:13 off the clock, winning the game.

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