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"The Stream of Consciousness is the process of the chain of thoughts that occur in one's head.  Simply put, the thought of one thing in the mind leads to the next thought and the next through association.  It is how the thoughts flow.  It is how you can go from thinking about baseball to wondering if the stove is turned off at home.  It is that stream that flows..."


True from the thoughts of the falcon, here are the notes from English 102...

"There are soooo many other things I could be doing rather than sitting in this damn classroom listening to this bitch ramble about how a tree means eternal life or whatever... Let's see, I could be sleeping, eating, hanging out with some friends... baseball, I could should be watching baseball right now. I know ESPN is broadcasting a bunch of games all day. ESPN programing sucks, but as long as the mute button still works, they haven't figured out a way to ruin the games... yet.

Ryan Zimmerman13241234.jpg

"Who is playing right now? I don't remember, but there was a promotion commercial yesterday about it during the Braves vs. Nationals game. That was a great gameHudson deserved to get the win. After that shaky first inning, he just set 'em down one after another. It would have been nice if the Braves pulled out the win, but I guess it is fitting that the Nationals won. I mean they are starting a new era in a new ballpark and should get started off on the right foot. Plus, how fitting is it that the Nats' franchise player - who was hitless up until the ninth inning - was the one who hit the walk-off? A perfect ending.

"Speaking of the Zimmerman, he was part this week's featured story in "Sports Illustrated." The article pertains mostly to the 2005 MLB Amateur Draft class. Troy Tulowitzki is the main focus of the whole article. (I was immersed in the article so intensely that when I was the last one left in math class earlier. The room was vacated when I was done and I didn't even see anyone leave.) Troy is such an amazing player. His defense is probably the best in the National League, there are few shortstops who have equal power, he has speed and makes good contact with the bat, and he is a perfect role model and leader. If the title "Franchise Player" has ever been earned more over the last decade (since Jeter), I do not know of it...

Troy Tulowitzki.jpg

"Back to the article. It focused on Tulowitzki but highlighted players from the 2005 draft that have made a mark in the majors already (and all six have previously glazed the cover of "SI" at one point or another). Including Troy, the six that made up the story were Clay Buchholz, Jacoby Ellsbury, Jay Bruce, Ryan Braun, Justin Upton, and, of course, Ryan Zimmerman (It is a good read, if you have the means I highly suggest picking up a copy). The following story is "Restocking a Rivalry" about the young players of the Red Sox and Yankees. A good article but I (like the rest of America) am tired of hearing about these two teams. I can't wait for Tampa Bay to reach their potential and knock New York and Boston on their asses."

After a short (pop) quiz let's get back into the stream...

"She is talking about poetry again. Breaking down poetry is so stupid. Who cares? What if what the teacher is saying isn't the intentions of the poet? How can the class be sure she isn't making stuff up? I think she is making it all up... "To His Coy Mistress" by Andrew Marvell is the exact topic on hand. Boring I think I'll..."

(teacher, aloud) "...trying to convince her to have intercourse..."

"See, even five billion years ago guys were only interested in one thing... I wonder if it worked for that guy? I doubt it. If it did, Kevin (my friend) needs to read that to his girlfriend... Yesterday we were hanging out at Lauren's house (another friend), and... I don't remember much actually except the end of the Sixers' game. They played the Cavaliers tough. Normally I would have been rooting for Lebron and his team. Since the buzz is going around Philly about the baggy-shorts bros kicking ass, I was pulling for the home town team.  Lebron hit a tough shot against good defense from Iggy, which turned out to be the difference in the game.  The new "AI" is becoming that superstar everyone predicted he would become eventually.  "Fastbreak" on ESPN did a story on him recently. I am glad because he really deserves to get some recognition..."

I chatted up this smokin' hot Asian girl who always sits next to me in class. The teacher got pissed because we obviously weren't paying attention. She was probably mad, but that isn't certain because I was too busy trying not to laugh out loud... After some time the stream begins to flow again after a glance out the window...

Danica Patrick.jpg

"I cannot believe it is raining. That sucks. There goes the rest of my day. Oh well, I'm too tired to do anything anyways... but, I really don't feel like driving home in this weather. Yesterday the weather was nice to take a drive.  Some friends and I took a road-trip to nowhere. Gassing it up to 75 mph on the roads of Mansfield is always enjoyable.  (I drive a '93 Jeep Cherokee that is like a tank - it eats up gas but will go through anything - I love it.)

"Wish I were a race car driver though. It could be fun. The Indy Car Circuit is starting up soon isn't it? I can't wait because there should be more Danica everywhere. She is amazing. I'd let her drive my stick any day... wait, did I really just think of that corny joke? Damn, I need to get laid..."

Clock reads 1:50 meaning that class is over. Again, she is still talking past the time, but I am out fackers...

Today's Lesson: Better things to do than sit in English class = Get some ass... (Come'on, that is a given any time.)