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IMCONVO.JPG This time featuring Stephon Marbury and Isiah Thomas...Isiah is pissed that Marbury is out of the season and with enough cursing to make Chris Berman blush, enjoy

StarburysNow$2.99: Hey wassup coach

FireIsiahLMAO: What you want wuss

StarburysNow$2.99: You're not gonna hold a grudge are you, I'm actually hurt look at the X-Rays

FireIsiahLMAO: Fack an X-Ray I just know your a b****, how u gonna quit on me, I never quit

StarburysNow$2.99: What about that time in Boston in the second half you just sat playing PSP

FireIsiahLMAO: I was looking up plays on NBA Live and then I looked at the scoreboard and there was no point

StarburysNow$2.99: I'm sorry man, I'll make it up to you how bout we go out tonight mad b****es with no morals all on me

FireIsiahLMAO: Nah cuz u a quitter what if a b**** says no you gonna jus quit

StarburysNow$2.99: I'm not trying to get sued, thats you and MSG

FireIsiahLMAO: Whatever you know damn well no one wanted that broad

StarburysNow$2.99: So what you gonna do the rest of the season

FireIsiahLMAO: I aint doing sh*t, I'm not gonna get fired, my franchise player is a quitter and everybody know the Celtics or Detroit gonna win the East

StarburysNow$2.99: New Yorkers gonna whoop ya a** one day

FireIsiahLMAO: New Yorkers aren't worried bout Zeke, the Giants done won the Super Bowl, the Mets traded for Juelz Santana, they aint even worried bout Zeke right now, they saying Zeke do your thing

StarburysNow$2.99: Don't you mean Johan

FireIsiahLMAO: The lil dragonball z character, what the hell he gotta do with this, you high already and you aint even share, see your different Stephon real different

StarburysNow$2.99: Never mind man, ayo Zeke I was thinking...

FireIsiahLMAO: What

StarburysNow$2.99: I kinda wanna go to a contender, I been in the league for over 10 years and got nothing to show for it

FireIsiahLMAO: Oh you quit and you wanna leave fine you really a b*** now, I should send you with punk a** George Karl, iight you can do the deal tell him I want JR Smith, and 3 cases of Vitamin Water

StarburysNow$2.99: Why the hell would I have his number, and he's a coach anyway

FireIsiahLMAO: Oh yea he dont got the skills like I do, I run sh** I'm the King of New York

StarburysNow$2.99: No offense but I want to salvage my career

FireIsiahLMAO: Man what career? Were you ever an allstar? How many rings you got? How many Marbury jerseys you see on the market? Man Steve Francis is a has been you a never were

StarburysNow$2.99: Whatever man

FireIsiahLMAO: Awww now you gonna cry

StarburysNow$2.99: No, its whatever man I'm a better player than you will ever be a coach, when was the last time you took a team to the playoffs

FireIsiahLMAO: I could've went last year, I just wasnt gonna go get swept, f*** that I got my extension and fell back, you talkin why didnt you take them to the playoffs, Lebron took his team by himself

StarburysNow$2.99: Get me some help and I will

FireIsiahLMAO: I got you help the Knicks are 88 on Live and 89 on NBA 2K8, but no you wanna quit like b**** you unappreciative

StarburysNow$2.99: I BROKE MY F***ING ANKLE FireIsiahLMAO: yea yea and I'm the Executive of the Year

StarburysNow$2.99: Man I dont even know why I bother talkin to you, ur an a**hole

FireIsiahLMAO: Oh jus for that the Knicks arent wearing no more Starburys, the official team sneaker are LA Lights

StarburysNow$2.99: Man I gotta go

FireIsiahLMAO: I thought you was hurt now you wanna go out

StarburysNow$2.99: Oh well at least I'm getting a check, now who I sound like

FireIsiahLMAO: Man f*** you