The Baltimore Ravens haven't done much in free agency. Not much capspace to speak of, at the moment. I'm sure that'll change after June 1st. But the Ravens happened to sign Brendon Ayanbadejo. He is a Pro Bowl special teams player. Considering that John Harbaugh was a special teams coach before taking the Ravens, it's no shock that the Ravens first free agency signing was a special teams player. Ayanbadejo will also serve as the primary back up to Ray Lewis and possibly Bart Scott. The special teams coverage improved as soon as the Ravens signed the Pro Bowler. The Ravens still need a pass rusher and depth at cornerback. Kelly Herndon, who was recently released by the Tennessee Titans, could be an upgrade over Corey Ivy. I'm hoping the Ravens sign Josh Thomas. I think he'd be a steal in free agency. He was a back up DE for the Indianapolis Colts. Thomas could produce if given more playing time and I think he has the ability to be a starter, alongside Terrell Suggs.

Speaking of Terrell Suggs, he filed a grievance against the Ravens because the organization tagged him as a linebacker, instead of a defensive end. Suggs needs his $814,000. $8.065 million just isn't enough. It's really that serious. He will no doubt get handsomely, given how the Ravens award their players for their production, such as Ray Lewis, Jonathan Ogden, and Ed Reed; just to name a few. I would be shocked if T-Sizzle wins this case. He is, without a doubt, an outside linebacker. Suggs covers running backs and tight ends way too to be considered a defensive end. He hands isn't always in the dirt 94% of the time. With that said, send Suggs to Arizona for Larry Fitzgerald. I'd give guaranteed to Fitzgerald before I give it to Suggs. Fitzgerald has done nothing but produced since being in the league. That's with inconsistent QB play throughout his career. He would be a nice addition for Troy Smith, along with Justin McCareins. McCareins would come at a cheap price. He's a big, tall possession receiver, something the Ravens lacked at the moment.

How about a Kyle Boller for DeAngelo Hall trade? Or what about a trade for Pacman Jones? Let's address the first trade proposal. Boller for Hall works out well for both teams. Boller gives the Falcons another veteran QB to along with Chris Redman. He would be an upgrade over Redman. Good character player who has had some success as a starter in the NFL. No doubt, the Atlanta Falcons will draft Matt Ryan. Will probably be the starter when the season starts. The Falcons do give Boller an outside chance to be the starter next season. A slim chance, but a chance nonetheless. Boller won't be given that much of a chance with Baltimore considering how well Troy Smith performed at the end of last season and with Harbaugh and Newsome insisting that McNair will be given every chance to prove that he doesn't have it anymore. As for DeAngelo Hall, he would provide the Ravens with much needed young CB who has the talent to be a shutdown corner, but has yet to prove it. He gambles way too much and tends to self destruct when a prominent receiver burns him. The trade is worth because Boller has proven to be nothing more than a very good back up QB and Hall still has upside that is better than the Ravens first round QB. The Ravens may need to add a 4th round pick. The trade probably won't happen, but it would be a good deal for both sides.

Trading for Pacman Jones is probably out of the realm of possibility, but again, it's a cheap gamble as far as compensating the Titans. Jones isn't worth more than a late second day draft pick. His off the field antics are well documented, whether it's making it rain in the club or getting involved in bar fights. Pacman can be a special player. He will be given second chance, but there is no date set at the moment. The Ravens would only be giving up a draft pick as Jones' value is diminished given his legal woes. This trade would only happen after June 1st because the Ravens will probably create some cap space by releasing some unwanted veterans on the wrong side of thirty. Good trade for the Ravens, if it ever happens.



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