From: The Sports Point

Defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth said yesterday that he is unhappy with the moves the Titans have failed to make this offseason. He feels the team needs help in a couple of areas, especially the lack of offensive support they have given quarterback Vince Young.

> "It's like a repeat of last year, Haynesworth said. "We need more weapons for Vince (Young). Now we need more defensive linemen. We are not doing anything. We are really just making ourselves worse the way I look at it. ... It doesn't look like we're trying to get better.

Depending on who you talk to, Haynesworth's comments have merit. Listening to a number of NFL fans, the second year quarterback has been surprisingly polarizing. Young supporters will tell you that he has greatly overachieved with mediocre offensive weapons alongside of him. On the other side, you will hear that the Titans would have been better off last year with Kerry Collins leading the way because Young makes too many mistakes.

While we find the former argument to me much more accurate than the latter, it does seem that Young is still trying to find his game. However, Tennessee has failed to provide players that could help carry the offense when Young is misfiring. One of the moves the organization made last year was to bring in veteran Eric Moulds, and he provided just 32 catches and zero touchdowns. The biggest name the Titans have signed this year is tight end Alge Crumpler. That's great - bring in another player on the downside of his career that isn't going to have a significant impact on the offensive production.

In other news, Haynesworth will get some help on the defensive line from Jevon Kearse, who began his career in Nashville after being drafted 16th in 1999. Kearse is another player that could provide a nice boost but his recent track record says otherwise. He only recorded 22 sacks in four years with Philadelphia after posting 47.5 during his five years at Tennessee.

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