Most people will probably be picking the Patriots and the Packers to win this week and play each other in the Super Bowl. For that very reason, I will not pick them, or at least not both of them. My record in the playoffs this year is already too damaged to be salvaged anyway, so I have nothing to lose.

San Diego Chargers 27, New England Patriots 24. First off, I will pick the Chargers to beat the Patriots. I hate the Chargers, but as a Patriots fan I don't feel good about this game. I hope I'm wrong, but I think the Chargers are gritty enough and hungry enough to pull this one out.

Green Bay Packers 23, New York Giants 20. I would not be surprised to see the Giants win this game, not one bit. However, the Packers will be playing for their quarterback, who may not get another shot at another Super Bowl ring. The Giants may be in control of this game for a while, but I think the Packers will outlast them and pull it out in the end.

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