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While the NBA continues to fight to remain relevant, many are missing one of the most entertaining playoffs in years. So for those who have been snoozing on the playoffs. Here's 5 more reasons to stay tuned.

5. Cuban-Martin: Never ceasing to make more headlines than his team, Cuban set off airwaves after being seen disrespecting Kenyon Martin's mother. It seemed like K-Mart was taking the high road well until he called Cuban a word that rhymes with maggot. Cuban will likely respond somehow and with the series going back to Denver where Martin, his mother and Cuban likely are all going to attend. Who knows what will happen?

4. LeBron continues to dominate: Say what you want, Kobe has never dominated in the playoffs like LeBron has so far. 8 games is all it has taken James to get back to the Conference Finals, as he sits and awaits Boston or Orlando. Both the C's and Magic have shown many flaws and some think the Cavs may get another sweep. Imagine the Cavs sweeping an entire playoffs. Where would that rank on the greatest teams of all time?

3. Rockets won't die: No T-Mac, no problem; No Yao, no problem. The Rockets, led by the infamous Ron Artest and "I only play good for Coach K" Shane Battier, not only continue to give the Lakers a run for their money, but they show that the Lakers aren't as dominant as some thought and maybe they aren't a lock for another Finals berth (more on that later).

2. Celtics won't die either: When we learned that KG wasn't coming back, many wrote off the Celtics like they were on their tax returns and after surviving one of the greatest series ever played the Magic-C's series, another good series looks headed for another photo finish. Big Baby Davis, the guy who went from possible lottery pick to 2nd round throw in in the Ray Allen deal has become the unsung hero in this series coming through in the clutch. Now the Celtics have a chance to silence critics en route to another ECF in Orlando where Doc was fired due to his inability to win big games... the irony. The Celtics find themselves up 3-2 for the 6th straight series and have won in 7,7,6,6,7 factor (3-0 in game 7s). You got to like these odds.

Now for the number one story... not about Kobe, not about LeBron, but about...

1. Melo - When Syracuse won the NCAA title in 2003, Carmelo Anthony was declared "the greatest player in college basketball history" a bit hyperbole, but he did what many one and dones (Oden, Mayo, Beasley, Rose) couldn't do he came he saw and conquered. It was before the one year rule, Melo could've went in the pros in 2002 and likely the second pick behind Yao. He led the Nuggets from 17 wins to the playoffs and despite averaging higher than LeBron was snubbed on ROY honors. First round exit after exit after seeing Wade win his first Finals MVP and LeBron take his Cavs to the finals, Melo found himself out the conversation. In 2006, Melo was having an MVP season derailed by a 15 game suspension from fighting at MSG. But now the Nuggets are a win away from the conference finals and he and Chauncey Billups are the only ones that can stop the Kobe/LeBron finals regardless of the Vitamin Water/Nike ads and message board wars. How sweet would it be if Melo beat Kobe and LeBron to win the ring many wrote him off of years ago. Imagine how Joe Dumars feels seeing Chauncey and Melo knowing he could've had that 6 years ago. Personally, I want LeBron to win it all, but if Melo were to throw a wrench in the mix, it would be poetic justice.