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Every diehard Giant fan, football fan and even a casual fan know that a tall order awaits the Giants tomorrow in Green Bay.  They're a juggernaut regardless of whether the temperature is -20 or 120 degrees.  But Stanford found a way to beat USC.  Appalachian State cracked the code of Michigan.  Surely the Giants can crack the code of the Packers in Lambeau and road warriors that the Giants are, no other team has the mental toughness to take it to the Packers in these conditions.  I have constructed a brief {at least I think} 4 point plan that the Giants can and must follow for victory tomorrow.

1. Establish Eli Manning early but not often.

- And when I mean early, I mean as soon as the game begins. If I were Kevin Gilbride, a no-huddle offense would be a great idea as it would get Eli into a rhythm and keep the defense honest.  It would require the Packers secondary to be less aggressive as they would have to guess early and be on their heels. I have way more confidence in Eli in a hurry-up no huddle offense based on his recent improvement and the outstanding 42 sec drive last week.  But I'd limit Eli to no more than 25 passes. If he ends up throwing the ball way more than that when the game ends, then there is reason for concern.

2. A HEAVY dose of Brandon Jacobs.

- Brandon Jacobs's style of play may not be suitable for him to be a workhorse back in the NFL. Surely that's why the Giants have the change of pace - home run hitter in Ahmad Bradshaw. But Jacobs needs to be a workhorse tomorrow. The Giants must win the time of possession battle tomorrow and keep Brett Favre off the field with long sustaining drives. I'd give Brandon Jacobs 30-35 carries. Imagine the potential sub-zero temperatures tomorrow and then having this big mammoth-sized back to deal with.  Of course, you don't neglect Bradshaw. I'd give him 10-15 carries in key spots, hopefully when the D is winded.  But if any one player is the key to victory, it's Brandon Jacobs.

3. A RELENTLESS pass rush on Brett Favre.

- This Packer offensive line is no slouch. They've done a great job keeping Favre upright all year long. But the fact remains that this Giant secondary is banged up and it will be difficult to stick with the physically and mentally tough Packer receivers.  Umeniyora and the Front four of the Giants have to bring the pressure and Steve Spagnuolo have to dial up the blitz that effectively rattled Tony Romo last week.  The X factor is Justin Tuck.  He had double digit sacks in limited action this season and he's a fresh nuisance for this Packer O-line should Strahan and Umeniyora rest.  The recipient of a well deserved 30 million extension over the next 5 years, Tuck will be 100% on task.

4. Turnovers, Turnovers, Turnovers   The Almighty turnover. The key stat that derailed Manning and the Colts last week against the Chargers.  It was 2 early turnovers by Ryan Grant that had Green Bay off to as bad a start as you can have for a playoff game before they proceeded to have everyone forget about those early miscues by the 3rd quarter. The Giants have no choice but to win that turnover battle and the immediate source of those turnovers has to be Ryan Grant. Take into consideration that the Giants D must know Ryan Grant very well.  They'll be after that football having seen him in the scout team earlier this year and in previous years.  Hacing this secondary toughen up against this group of Packer receivers would be a bonus, but the immediate source of turnovers for the Giants has to be their former comrade, Ryan Grant.