Is it just me, or...

Even though Rudy Fernandez was OK, is it really disappointing that Joe Alexander wasn't voted into the Slam Dunk Contest?

Despite the blowout score, did the NBA's best players look like they were actually competing against one another in the All-Star Game?

With the emergence of Jameer Nelson and Devin Harris in the Eastern Conference this season, does Rajon Rondo seem destined for a decade of All-Star snubs?

Was it great to see Nate Robinson legitimately win a slam dunk title, considering the 67 (give or take) attempts he needed to win his first one?

Are you also still wondering how David West made the All-Star team?

Is it kind of absurd that there wasn't a roster spot for Kevin Love in the Rookie-Sophomore Game?

Considering his knee injury would have resulted in the same rosters we ended up with, don't you wish Al Jefferson had initially been named to the Western Conference All-Star team?

Did Kevin Durant send a not-so-subtle message on Friday night?

Does it not seem possible that Shaq played less than eleven minutes on Sunday?

Should they just not give out a trophy if someone can win the 3-point shootout with 8 points in the final round?

Did the panel of ex-Phoenix Suns really suck as slam dunk judges?

Had you also not realized that Brandon Roy can really get off the ground?

Even in an exhibition, should no All-Star EVER have a +/- of -31 or -28?

Should Chris Paul be obligated to play all 48 minutes of every All-Star game until he's 40?

If J.R. Smith had asked for a forklift with another basket attached to it and a phone booth for the dunk contest, would David Stern probably have suspended him?

Is the inspiration behind LeBron James and Dwyane Wade dressing like Steve Urkel the weirdest mystery of All-Star Weekend?

As good as LeBron is, Kobe and D-Wade must have it, is Dwight Howard the NBA player whose life seems the most fun?

Does it seem like every current and former All-Star player on TNT wants to remind Kenny Smith that he was never actually an All-Star?

Other than going to just enough Bobcats' games to appear "on board", does Michael Jordan not seem to have much to do with the NBA?

Does someone need to make sure that Charles Barkley doesn't miss another All-Star Weekend?

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