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It has been advised to me that the NFL season has already commenced. No matter. I shall embark upon this divination as a season's reflection and not an individual journey analysis with the assistance of my friend and wiki-knowledgable Manny Stiles doing the editing.

There are many methods of divination for certain understandings. I have travelled throughout the world learning and studying a variety of shamanistic works under the tutelage of several masters. Whether it be ingesting the skin of Bufo marinus in Guatemala to find the source of an ailment of an elder, understanding the wind partaking the leaf of the shepherd with the Mazatec shamen of Oaxaca or snuffing cebil with the Wichi in San Pedro de Atacama, an array of nature's tools gifted to us can be used to clarify the reflection of the Mother's life energy. Sometimes all it takes is a calm, clear night, a stick of nag champa and a mild application of concentration. Besides we didn't have time to whip up a kettle of ayahuasca if we were going to get this reading done before Sunday morning.

Clues and Answers are all around us. Sometimes we need to listen very carefully and other times there is no hiding from the vibrations of psychic energy.


One card per NFL team as it pertains to this season;
YOU decide the meaning!

Onward! Take the journey as we apply the simple method of card reading using a Crowley deck of tarot and pull one card representing each team in the National Football League. It's simple. The card will cast an image and it's up to YOU to translate it's meaning in proper context.

I am a practicing shaman, healer and divinist, I am not a football expert! Stiles has his opinions, but he might as well be speaking Swedish to me when it comes to the specifics.

Much as one will see in a mirror's reflection their present state of mind and awareness, each card will represent a position of energy for each franchise. The rules are that simple.

Let us begin! These are listed alphabetically but were chosen in a separate order. With each team there will be a quick explanation of the card and it's position.

Note: (-) means the card was pulled in an ill dignified manner, reversing the standard face meaning of the card. This is not a negative inference but an inverted translation of the standard representation of the card.

The Teams: The Reading

Arizona Cardinals: 3 of Cups

A time for celebration and joy that has been long awaited and is welcomed. A group of three will look to celebrate their success.

Atlanta Falcons: The Tower

Everything is falling around you but this will only help to ground you. An uncomfortable time. Gruesome.

Baltimore Ravens: The Sun

Visualize what you want and it can be yours. This is a time of happiness, cheerfulness and fulfillment. A very good card indeed!

Buffalo Bills: 8 of Cups -

A time of letting go of the ways of the past and finding new expressions in order to move to a better place. Luck in travels.

Carolina Panthers: 2 of Wands

High aims and the promise of success to be gained through strength and the initiative to overcome obstacles. Take charge.

Chicago Bears: 5 of Swords -

Certain obstacles exist and must be acknowledged and worked with before successful changes can be achieved. How many swords do you need?

Cincinnati Bengals: The Fool -

In need of closing your eyes and leaping in faith yet still doubting the self. Self-destructive ways and misguided bravery which only appears as foolishness to everyone else.

Cleveland Browns: Page of Cups

It's a great time to take risks! Go for it! Without risks there are no rewards. Avoid being conservative - there is conflict between the head and the heart. It is time to use your heart.

Dallas Cowboys: The Hanged Man -

A new perspective has been reached. It felt uncomfortable before but that was a neccessary development period to prepare you for now. What was upside down before is your foundation now.

Denver Broncos: The Empress

This card is the culmination of the female energy. Giving, nature, nurturing, creativity and love. Sticking to the Earth, sharing both joy and loss in her creativity - as in letting her little ones run free.

Detroit Lions: 3 of Swords

The pain of healing can be more painful than the injury. Cutting away the old, dead wood allows new growth to occur. This is not a fun time but it's the best way to find a thriving future.

Green Bay Packers: Queen of Disks

Practical and earthy. Simple and not too distracted by flashy ways. Kind and nurturing, simple and consistent. You are aslo very aware of the health of your body's needs.

Houston Texans: 10 of Cups -

Hard effort usually brings reward but chasing love can be a real bitch sometimes. Seems like there's unfortunate luck at play here.

Indianapolis Colts: Page of Disks-

You once were always ready to learn something new but you might be stuck in your ways now. The risks you once took are no longer in your arsenal. Too much attention paid to details and not enough of a clear focus on the bigger picture.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Ace of Disks

The begining of things coming into form. A good time to start a new venture. Good luck with success on the horizon.

Kansas City Chiefs: 9 of Swords -

Fantasies and thoughts of doom are realized. Fear is usually worse than reality but perhaps not in this case. Seems like the reality is scarier than the nightmare.

Miami Dolphins: Temperance

The promise of new life. Perhaps even life out of what is percieved as dead. A light shines on you as you are at the foot of a fresh rainbow after the rains.

Minnesota Vikings: King of Cups -

You are intuitive and caring and a little too jealous. You are comfortable in your imperfections. You are a good guage for others to understand their own needs. You are poor at recognizing and accepting your own weakness.

New England Patriots: The Star

Do your own thing and inspiration will flow. The calm after the storm; the dawn after the darkest hour.

New Orleans Saints: 5 of Wands

A time when wishes and reality clash. Petty obstacles and irritations are short-lived but frustrating. Perhaps a revolt would shake things up?

New York Giants: 5 of Cups

A period of change. Attention has to be paid to not only the difficulties but also the possibilities. This card usually indicates a person trapped in their sadness.

New York Jets: 7 of Cups -

Too much choice. Too much confusion. Decisions are tough to make when they are so plentiful like this. More questions than answers; a lot more.

Oakland Raiders: King of Wands

You are very full of yourself. Sure your hidden kindness and creativity overcome your shortcomings but only a select few get to see that side. You're an innovator, creator and leader but perhaps you don't where you are going?

Philadelphia Eagles: Judgement -

Rebirth. Rising from the ashes to burn in a new form. However, the rebirth relies on the ashes of the past. Reaping what one sows, indeed.

Pittsburgh Steelers: High Priest -

A spiritual guide has led you astray with operating by new rules. A teacher is failing while the students are passing.

San Diego Chargers: High Priestess

If you operate with good judgement, objectivity and listen to that little voice that guides you, success can be had. It's time to listen and trust your practiced skills.

San Francisco 49ers: 10 of Swords

Ruin. This is the end. On the bright side, a new outlook can only improve the situation because it can certainly get no worse than this.

Seattle Seahawks: King of Disks

Practical, yet stubborn. As long as the authority is comfortable, effort isn't an issue. Unfortunately most of the effort is aimed at acquiring things and not using them.

St. Louis Rams: Ace of Swords -

You're all out of ideas and don't know where to turn. There is too much head scratching to be done. You need a new begining but don't know how to find one.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 10 of Disks -

This card indicates a fracture in family. The foundation of the group in unstable. Too much contentment can lead to discord. Lots of tradition coming unfurled.

Tennessee Titans: The Devil -

Negative voices are being listened to. Idle chatter is having too great an impact for it's worthless value. The negativity isn't there but it is percieved as real and that effectively makes it realized.

Washington Redskins: Ace of Cups -

The well is drying. What should be a new begining is symbolic of the old ways. A new love that is a mirror of an old, failed love but the twinkle in the eye is still new... not for long.

One card to represent the season as a whole: 6 of Swords

A time of calm after moving away from stress and difficulities. The journey is leading to a better place but the linger recent past doesn't want to let go quite yet. Release of tension and anxiety has begun.

Enjoy your football and let me know if any of this makes sense to you. We'll revisit this after the season is over.

Peacefulness, S.S.

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