Okay, I know there are going to be 1000 draft breakdowns on this site in the next 24 hours, and there is already a live blog running.  However here are my reactions to the first round picks.  This is from my live blog on my my personal blog.


Welcome to Walker-Sports live draft coverage (sorry we are on a late start)

1)Derrick Rose (No surprise)

2)Michael Beasley...Guess Riley got over his hangup

3)O.J. Mayo...The Twolves will be in mediocraty forever

4)Russell Westbrook...and they will continue to be young

5)Kevin Love...He will be a good replacement for Pau Gasol if he can stay in shape... looks like he lost some weight already good sign for Memphis

6)Danilo Gallinari.... I guess D'Atoni is trying to recreate some of that international magic he had in Phoenix but this is won't work for the Knicks

7)Eric Gordon...could be a real good match especially if Brand can come back and contribute

8)Joe Alexander... they trade Yi to get another tall gamer who likes being outside?

9)D.J. Augustin... A bit of a surprise but I loved the way this kid played.

10)Brook Lopez...Good choice, they need to start building that frontline and he can be a center to build around.

11)Jerryd Bayless...He dropped down a lot more than people thought a solid pickup

12)Jason Thompson...Very solid 4 but going at 12 is a bit ambitious

13)Brandon Rush...Another young buck up in Portland if they can get it together that is a helluva team

14)Anthony Randolph... He's big he's young he's a good athlete fits the G.S. mold

15)Robin Lopez....The Suns find another tall athletic big. Nice sub in when Shaq takes his half season off

16)Marreese Speights.... did not realize there was talent left in fl, but could be a good fit in Philly

17)Roy Hibbert...Probably going to Indiana... I do believe we called this earlier today

18)JaVale McGee...He is a big which the Zards need but not sure he is the guy.

Trade on the board: Indiana gets Jarret Jack and Brandon Rush and Portland will get Jerrd Bayless and Ike Diago.

19)J.J. Hickson... I dont even remember this guy and I watch ACC ball. A big body but he is young being a freshmen so he will need a lot of work

20)Alexis Ajinca....He's big and tall, but will prove to be a typical Euro big man guess Jordan and company blew another draft (Kwame)

21)Ryan Anderson...Another big who will have an average career in the league. Likes to shoot the long range way too much

22)Courtney Lee...This is a good pickup. A talented guard who can score and get his own shot. A good pickup on a Magic team that needs guard help

23)Kosta Koufos...Huge kid big body. If he can get tough and handle the Jerry Sloan berrating he could be a good player... dont expect it

24)Serge Ibaka....Wont lie dont know a thing about this kid.

25)Nicolas Batum....Don't know this guy either. The reason I don't like the NBA draft you reach this point where it's a lot of Euros who I just have no scouted.

26)George Hill....Small guy out of a small school. He's done in SA doubt he will have to see the court early with Parker there.

27)Darrell Arthur... finally gets picked. Good for him he deserves it and he will be a great player up in Portland.

28)Donte' Green...Saw him play in high school, thought he was good then. Was not impressed with him at Syracuse and think he has a lot more work to do and is not NBA ready.

29)D.J. White...He had a good college career kinda wore down as it went along. He can be a good body in the Detroit front court.

30)J.R. Giddens....Another guard to line up in the Boston backcourt

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