Penske South is taking a big chance, as it once again expands to three teams. Considering that this move has failed once already, when primary sponsor Kodak left, and that they have never been able to run two teams at a top level, it maybe a very long season for at least two of these three teams.

Kurt Busch, #2, Miller Lite Dodge Team owner Roger Penske has gone to NASCAR and gotten permission to switch his 2007 season car owner points to the #77 car. It is a calculated move since Kurt is the most recent Cup champion not in the top 35 in owner's points. He will have six provisionals to use to make the field, and five attempts to race his way into the top 35... and he should be able to do it. Even if there is rain, Kurt will make the field because he won a race in 2007. Kurt and Crew Chief Pat Tryson should not have a problem there, or making the Chase, but this may be the lone bright spot of this organization.

Ryan Newman, #12, Alltel Dodge Ever since long-time Crew Chief Matt Borland left the team at the end of 2006... (Read the full article here: 2008 NASCAR Team Preview: Penske Racing South)

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