Here we go, guys. This is the moment we've been waiting for a very long time: the finals of the "Hottest Female Athlete Tournament"!

Two lovely ladies, one winner. The last article of this series: the TREMENDOUS TWO!


Allison Stokke
(Pole vaulting/Track)
1225038866 Allison Stokke
Leryn Franco
(Javelin Throwing)
1225635763 Leryn Franco
<pollembed title="Who is hotter? Allison Stokke vs. Leryn Franco"></pollembed>

As always, we are planning to end the voting at around one week from now, which means that the voting for this region will close at about 12:30 PM (Eastern Time) on January 31, 2008 (Saturday). And (again) feel free to add more pictures of these lovely ladies to help convince other people that one's hotter than the other.

Please... get people here to vote on this... AGMers or not. Every vote counts. The more votes, the better...

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