If I do say, Round 1 was a hottie happening, a demonstration of, as Malcolm McDowell said in A Clockwork Orange, gorgeousness and gorgeousity.  And Round 2, the round of 64, promises to be, get your heart medication ready, EVEN BETTER!

So, let’s dispense with the pleasantries and get down to the action.

First, a brief recap of Round 1…

*Spank, spank, spank* "Honey, what are you d-…OH MY GOD!!! Not on the keyboard!"

Now, a preview of Round 2…

Region 1

The upset of the tourney thus far was the beautiful Katarina Witt getting ousted by the undeniably hot Haley Cope. In all honesty, Witt was a pre-tourney favorite for many reasons, not the least of which was her scalding pictorial in Playboy. But you, the people, spoke and advanced Cope. The best matchup of the opening stanza in this region was the Kari Traa/Danica Patrick tussle. The much maligned Patrick lost to the Norwegian bombshell by one vote. I guess Danica Patrick isn’t the bowser some said she was. The most lopsided matches were, predictably, the near shutouts pitched by Amanda Beard and Heather Mitts. Combined, the duo of Sonja Henie and Lisa Hamilton, only mustered four votes. Not good at all.

Round 2 features some unbelievable matchups…Summer Sanders vs. Kari Traa is way too close to call; Gabriella Sabatini faces a tough opponent in Ashley Harkelroad. The most intriguing is the Niki Gudex-Amanda Freed match, as either is smoking hot and could advance to the Final Four of Hotness.

Amanda Beard
1225037608 Amanda Beard
Lindsay Benko
1225037713 Lindsay Benko
<pollembed title="Who is hotter? Amanda Beard vs. Lindsay Benko"></pollembed>

Summer Sanders
1225037789 Summer Sanders
Kari Traa
1226441137 Kari Traa
<pollembed title="Who is hotter? Summer Sanders vs. Kari Traa"></pollembed>

Gabriela Sabatini
1225037977 Gabriela Sabatini
Ashley Harkelroad
1225038091 Ashley Harkleroad
<pollembed title="Who is hotter? Gabriela Sabatini vs. Ashley Harkelroad"></pollembed>

Niki Gudex
(Mount biking)
1225038201 Niki Gudex
Amanda Freed
1225037424 Amanda Freed
<pollembed title="Who is hotter? Niki Gudex vs. Amanda Freed"></pollembed>
Heather Mitts
1225038351 Heather Mitts
Tamara Jenkins
1225038462 Tamara Jenkins
<pollembed title="Who is hotter? Heather Mitts vs. Tamara Jenkins"></pollembed>

Ashley Force
1225038547 Ashley Force
Misty May-Treanor
(Beach volleyball)
1225038623 Misty May-Treanor
<pollembed title="Who is hotter? Ashley Force vs. Misty May-Treanor"></pollembed>

Swin Cash
1225038715 Swin Cash
Allison Stokke
(Pole vaulting/Track)
1225038866 Allison Stokke
<pollembed title="Who is hotter? Swin Cash vs. Allsion Stokke"></pollembed>
Haley Cope
1225038973 Haley Cope
Sophie Sandolo
1225039047 Sophie Sandolo
<pollembed title="Who is hotter? Haley Cope vs. Sophie Sandolo"></pollembed>

Predictions (Region 1)

Amanda Beard over Lindsay Beno

Kari Traa by a (*eh-hem*) whisker over Summer Sanders

Ashley Harkelroad over Gabriela Sabatini

Niki Gudex over Amanda Freed

Heather Mitts big over Tamara Jenkins

Ashley Force over Misty May Traynor

Allison Stokke over Swin Cash, but this one could be really close

Haley Cope over Sophie Sandolo

Region 2

The top two seeds, Maria Sharapova and Jennie Finch, crushed their first round opponents while mid-low seeds Allisa Camplin, Mia Hamm, and Sue Bird were shown the door. The best match of Round 1 was Mika Duno vs. Jenniferr Capriati... Duno only won by two votes. Camplin lost by [a scant] five votes to pole vaulter Jill Wittenwyler. Karina Petroni had a surprisingly difficult time with Martina Hingis, thanks to easily the sexiest photo of the German tennis phenom.

Round 2 is a freakin' spank fest. The most highly anticipated match is Lokelani McMichael vs. Amy Taylor. Keyboards and monitors will melt during this tussle. Grrrrrrrrr...

Maria Sharapova
1225131534 Maria Sharapova
Ekaterina Gordeeva
(Figure skating)
1225131873 Ekaterina Gordeeva
<pollembed title="Who is hotter? Maria Sharapova vs. Ekaterina Gordeeva"></pollembed>
Natalie Gulbis
1225133634 Natalie Gulbis
Becky Hammon
1225183005 Becky Hammon
<pollembed title="Who is hotter? Natalie Gulbis vs. Becky Hammon"></pollembed>
Karina Petroni
1225183125 Karina Petroni
Dara Torres
1225183255 Dara Torres
<pollembed title="Who is hotter? Karina Petroni vs. Dara Torres"></pollembed>
Lokelani McMichael
1225183358 Lokelani McMichael
Amy Taylor
1225137181 Amy Taylor
<pollembed title="Who is hotter? Lokelani McMichael vs. Amy Taylor"></pollembed>

Ana Paula Mancino
1225136781 Ana Paula Mancino
Milka Duno
1225136525 Milka Duno
<pollembed title="Who is hotter? Ana Paula Mancino vs. Milka Duno"></pollembed>
Jill Wittenwyler
(Pole vaulting)
1225136363 Jill Wittenwyler
Alina Kabayeva
1225136162 Alina Kabayeva
<pollembed title="Who is hotter? Jill Wittenwyler vs. Alina Kabayeva"></pollembed>
Tara Dakides
1225136028 Tara Dakides
Jeanette Lee
1225135683 Jeanette Lee
<pollembed title="Who is hotter? Tara Dakides vs. Jeanette Lee"></pollembed>
Jennie Finch
1225135535 Jennie Finch
Lisa Anderson
1225134734 Lisa Anderson
<pollembed title="Who is hotter? Jennie Finch vs. Lisa Anderson"></pollembed>

Predictions (Region 2)

Maria Sharapova big over Ekaterina Gordeeva

Natalie Gulbis vs. Backy Hammon is too close to call

Karina Petroni over Dara Torres

Amy Taylor barely over Lokelani McMichael

Ana Paula Mancino big over Mika Duno

Alina Kabayeva over Jill Wittenwyler

Jeanette Lee over Tara Dakides, maybe

Jennie Finch big over Lisa Andrson

As always, we are planning to end the voting at around one week from now, which means that the voting for this region will close at about 12:30 AM on November 18, 2008 (Tuesday). And (again) feel free to add more pictures of these lovely ladies to help convince other people that one's hotter than the other.

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