The ArmchairGM User Awards are given out here on the site at the end of every year.  The winners don't actually win anything tangible, but they do receive recognition, a special little title, and (of course) bragging rights...

Last year Corey did a fantastic job hosting the awards.  With the middle of the year just weeks away, Ezzo and myself want to put a watch on who we believe to be leading the race for each of this year's awards...

This first category is still up in the air.  Stiles is the reigning user for Best Women's Sports Coverage.  Does he retain the title if nobody steps up in these next few months? ~Falcon

Alex won Best Table Sports Coverage last year and even though he has been mostly inactive so far this year, he still leads the category by default of there being nobody else. ~Romiezzo

Davis is best known for his great articles here at the chair.  He is very creative and very efficient when it comes entertaining and educating us all.  There haven't been too many statistical articles this year.  Therefore, the Best Statistical Article(s) so far come from Mr. Davis.  He won last year with The 100 Greatest Quarterbacks of the Modern Era and is currently in the lead with his American League and National League baseball previews. ~Romiezzo

The Homer of the Year category was won by all AGM Boston Fans last year.  This year, there are two nominees thus far.  Manny Stiles for his coverage of the Rays, and by demand of Kelsdad, falcon02520 for his voting of Tampa Bay Rays players in ArmchairGM's Homer of the Day Series. ~Romiezzo

Stiles leads the category of Best Humor Writing.  He won last year too.  He is funny in his own quirky way... ~Faclon

Just a runner up in last year's category of Best Motor-sports Coverage, Thecrookedcap has surpassed reigning champ Alex Holowczak so far this year... ~Falcon

Coverage Wise A QQ is out running Pittsburgh Gunny this season for Best Soccer Coverage. ~Romiezzo

Best Collegiate Sports Coverage leading candidate... your guess is as good as ours.  The Beast won last year... ~Falcon

Even though he has been inactive of late, Oneflydude is leading the category of being the most fly dude.  Also, his NBA Coverage is really good. Last year he won the award uncontested. ~Romiezzo

The same as last year, the best in NHL Coverage, the guy leading in candidacy so far is FrankD.  Given that he covers the one team more than the whole NHL, it is still more than most others.  Also, given that one team just happens to be the Pittsburgh Penguins, we won't hold that against him ;) ~Falcon

As for Best NFL Coverage, Romiezzo says we should wait until next season starts.  I disagree.  Good reporting is year round.  One of our newer users is already should he deserves this award, especially with his State of the Franchise reports. Thanks for your reporting Crackajg... Afraidofedhochuli won the award last season...  ~Falcon

Best MLB Coverage looks like it is going to Niteowl.  If anyone has any questions about this, you don't look at the articles because Niteowl's stuff is up there daily. Niteowl is the reigning champ in this category. ~Romiezzo

Romiezzo is looking to be this year's Overseas User of the Year, taking the title away from an idle Alex.  The question that will arise come award time is if he will qualify.  This upcoming school semester, Ezzo will be attending school in the United States... ~Falcon

Most Improved Writer last year was BB15.  Can a user win this award two years in a row?  It's looking very possible at this point... ~Falcon

FrankD's coverage of his team is unmatched so far this season.  Every game he has a recap after every game and during the off-season he keeps the updates coming.  Frank may be ripping the title from last year's winner Kelsdad for his coverage of the New York Yankees... ~Falcon

Everyone should thank Romiezzo for fixing up articles, the encyclopedia, and the site as a whole.  This is why Mr. Ezzo is the leading candidate for Best Editor.  He won the award last year too, as a rookie... ~Falcon

ArmchairGM's Best Commenter statistically is Tmil42.  Reigning champ Stiles has something to say about that.  Then again, Tmil might get angry if he doesn't win. Romiezzo

Best Writer... Can we really give the title to ManRays once again?  Guess so... ~Falcon

ArmchairGM's Best Article Series  is Niteowl's Baseball Notebook.  An almost, pretty much daily column about baseball, it can't be beat, especially considering that The Beast's Meet the Users series has dwindled down recently. ~Romiezzo

So far the Article of the Year looks to be the 2008 Hottest Wife Sports TourneyBracketBot came storming onto the scene and disappeared just as quickly once Jennifer Walcott took home the championship.  Stiles won last year with his legendary story of how "No One Has a Right to Crush Anyone's Dreams"... ~Falcon

While providing a female voice in a male dominated site, Meg is looking to take home Comeback User of the Year honors. Corey won last year. ~Romiezzo

November 24, 2007 will go down as one of the best days in AGM history.  It is the day the rookie sensation Crackajg joined the chair.  He has already produced over fifty opinions published.  He is very creative and very well rounded. That is why Crackajg is looking to follow in the footsteps of Romiezzo as Rookie of the Year... ~Falcon

Now time for the biggest award watch.  THEE ArmchairGM MVU.  This year's Most Valuable User is focused around three users critical to making the chair a respectable place, providing voices of reason along with different points of view, and bringing respectability content and feedback for the community. The three users thus far are JuT, Stiles, and Romiezzo.  If you haven't seen one of these guys editing a page, commenting on an article, or writing an opinion of their own, then you certainly are not a regular here at the chair.  There is no more need be to build up these three guys egos any more ;)

So this is your award watch for 2008.  If you are a leading candidate, keep up the good work.  If you aren't leading in a category you think you can win... then it's time to Step It Up!

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