The Hater Era. The only words to describe it. As 2007 has been the year for many sports records to be shattered, it has also been a year for many sports "fans" to find some reason to discredit it. Why? For some "fact" or technicality instead of enjoying a sports year we may never witness again. Suddenly the asterisk has become one of the greatest inventions known to man, how could a flower/star looking thing validate just about any feat that non fans don't want to acknowledge. I agree that like in the "Steroid Era" there are exceptions to the rule, some people arent haters and some feats just need not to be starred. Here's a list of all the records that have been disputed this year. I'm pretty sure I missed some feel free to add any in the comments or add it to the article itself.

Spurs advance to Western Conference Finals*- Amare Stoudamire was suspended for Game 6, but the Suns had that game won. And was it the Spurs' fault that Stern suspended him? I admit I would've loved a Suns/Cavs series, but the situation was out of the Spurs' control.

756*- Yea I know I know, if you actually read my writing you know my stance on it so I'll leave it at that.

Patriots Dynasty*- One there was no proof of any prior tapings. Two, aside from St. Louis, the Patriots Super Bowl opponents hadn't played them earlier in the season to even steal signals from. Three, knowing their play doesnt give you any advantage that's what audibles are for.

Celtics best record in the NBA*- I talked about this before they play who is on their schedule. They swept the Bulls so far and they were bonafide favorites. Playing the Mavs, Spurs, Suns doesn't prove anything because they aren't even in the same conference. Same reason the Patriots don't play the Packers twice a season

Rockies Win NL Pennant*- He didn't touch home plate....but they would've won anyway

Kevin Smith breaks Barry Sanders Record*- Didn't happen yet but I've been debating on this one all day. No one is saying he's better than Barry but you can't knock his great season even in a mid-level conference

Hell, if you want to star everything in sports why not star things in real life. Suppose your grandfather had a "very obvious affair" but their 75th anniversary was coming up do you asterisk the banner and cake. Hilarious idea now i think about it but no you don't. You forgot to do an assignment so you copy your friends, technically that's cheating do you asterisk their diploma? Does that mean all of your past grades don't count anymore. You're playing a video game you get stuck and use a cheat code, when the game ends does it have an asterisk. In any of these cases you would be pretty upset. But hey their athletes, not people they have money so that makes it okay. With that I'll wrap up my writing for 2007, have a Happy and a Safe New Year*

  • Technically you aren't supposed to say Happy New Year until Jan 1st, tomorrow isn't promised you know.

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