For most of us, we just see this as the implosion of Three Rivers Stadium…Although, in the words of Lee Corso, "Not so fast my friend!" However, that my friends, that’s the sight and sounds New England Patriots season going up in smoke…Along with reveling all the communities in the "New England" area which went up in smoke when Tom Brady’s fourth down prayer was un-answered. And while Tiki Barber and all New Endlanders, (if such a group exists) are sobbing to no end as their team will be the first team to lose the Super Bowl. Ever to be remembered and whose 18-1 record will be looked at as a complete failure. Somewhere Al Michaels is smiling! The same Al who uttered the catch phrase, "Do you believe in miracles", (ironically in New York) because that’s exactly what happened in "The Toaster" of Glendale as the Pats toast got a GIANT pigskin burn in the end! (Sorry about the Berman reference!)

SB 42 was supposed to be a culmination of perfection, instead the Giants never received the game plan. SB 42 was supposed to go down in history…That it did, just the "other" team made history! You know, the better one! Kind of like that whole 1980 U.S. Olympic thingy! Many will agree that the New York Giants kicked the shit out of the Pats…And some will blindly believe that the Patriots laid the biggest egg in sports history on their way to choking up their lone loss in the desert. I, like many thought the game was just going to be a culmination and thanks to every media outlet force feeding us the "unbeaten" story since October found myself rooting for the G-Men…And I’m sure I wasn’t alone in that respect.

True story here…Before the game I bumped into a guy at the gym. We talked about the Super Bowl and what not…Said he was from New York, said he wanted New England to win. My quick thinking told me he had to be a Jet fan, so I asked him…To his reply, "No, I like the Giants, I just wanted to see history!" Now what kind of jagoff roots against his own team in the biggest sporting event? My guess is somebody who has been brain washed by the media throughout the course regarding New England. Yes, they made history in Glendale as a team that couldn’t finish the job! I don’t want to hear about the pressure…Oh, the pressure got to them! The only pressure that got to the Pats was the Giants front four!! They had one game to win…Oh, what do you know. Just like the Giants did! No pressure…If anything, the pressure should have been off! One game, simply one game…And for a team that is used to close Super Bowl, well I’m just not buying the whole pressure aspect! Just like I didn’t buy into the whole Tom Brady "Ankle" thingy!

It’s also ironic that in a Super Bowl where New England was being compared with the Pittsburgh teams of the 70's, the 49ers teams of the 80's…Where Brady was being compared to Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana, it was the younger Eli Manning leading a Super Bowl winning drive…Almost Joe-like, as he did in Super Bowl 23. Never wavering, never folding like we’ve been accustomed to see from him…It was almost like he learned what failure was from the DSRL. And speaking of the great Steeler teams, just a guess here, but I think David Tyree’s catch surpasses Lynn Swans as the greatest Super Bowl catch ever! Hey, how about it?


Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure plenty of cars were torched in Boston last night…Plenty of phone booths were picked on by "Spygate" Nation! Oh yeah…And while Boston might have the Red Sox, New York still gets the last laugh! OUCH! That’s really has to hurt! And for those who are putting their faith in the Boston Celtics, well keep them crying towels handy because there’s a better chance of not seeing Bill Belechick run off the field before the game’s over than seeing the Celts win! What was up with that? Were we surprised? No, not really! Because that’s what kind of asshole he is…A sore loser! And there’s no doubt in my mind that he knew of the taping of the Rams walk through before SB 37! What a jagoff!

Okay, so you lost the Super Bowl…Your team will go down as one of the biggest failures, if not the biggest failure ever At least have enough stones to stick around for the last play! Okay, we expect this from Randy Moss…And all that bull shit over the course of the season listening to how Randy had changed, that was just bull shit! Not on the field to take part in the AFC championship celebration…Walking off the field before the game’s over, well that’s old hat for Moss! Moss and Bill Belechick are cut from the same mold!

Yes, last night the better team won in Arizona! And while we’ll still have to listen to Mercury Morris and all the rest of the 1972 Miami Dolphins smoke cigars and pop champagne bottles, I think we’d all agree that having the Pats be 19-0 and having to listen to all their shit!! Just a question that I am indeed curious about…For all the dumbasses who put money down on the book "19-0", does that come with a "Super Bowl Losing" refund? Writers, don’t write a check your team can’t cash! Or you can still cash it even though the title needs to be changed…18-1 The Historic Choking Season of the New England Patriots.

Just one final thought here…I wonder if Tom Brady’s still laughing at Plaxico Burress?


I'm thinking NO!

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