Anyone else happy that these Olympic Games in China are almost over? Never in my life did I ever think that both Americans and Russians would cooperate and participate in such games. I do not think super powers such as USA, China or even old Soviet Union acting "super" as of late. All 3 take advantage of weaker countries these days. Americans are in Iraq even though world doesn't want them to be there. Same with China in Tibet. And I fear every night that war will become world event between Georgia and Russia. Putin is crazy. Georgia people are nice and I have friends there. What a time. Long time ago, no way would USA or Soviet Union be in China. Actually South African countries started boycott process in Montreal Games because of a rugby team visiting South African countries. So what? But real boycott process began by Jimmy Carter. Late 70s was a terrible time for Americans. Soviet paper Tass reported on American horrible economy and no gas at pumps. Even though they were our enemies, we felt bad that American families had such terrible politicians allowing this to happen. And then Carter would not let American team go to Moscow Games. In my opinion, Moscow Games were the greatest Olympics ever held. And half of the world wasn't there. No matter. All the best athletes still participated. Games were big success and Soviet Union as always got many gold medals and set many records. It was a very proud time to Soviet Union to have our athletes demonstrate such superior skill. Carter blamed Soviet Union for helping fight Taliban in Afghanastan. Makes no sense then and makes no sense now to me. Many of us thought Americans thought Moscow would be terrible to visit and were rude not to come. Maybe American team had no money to train against best in world at that time. I guess we will never really know the truth. It was big day for Soviet Union when Moscow was chosen over Los Angeles for these Olympics. It was a great decision by Olympics. United States was so upset that they don't come to games even when Soviet Union went to Lake Placid in the same year? Of course, Soviet Union got pay back by ignoring 1984 Games which were held in Los Angeles. These might have been even worse than Chinese Games. Athletes all over the world complained about Los Angeles pollution and hot air. Since Soviet Union had best athletes, there was no reason to go to Los Angeles and prove it. So Soviets treated USA like Americans treated Moscow and stayed home. Instead, Soviet Union and other very good countries had Friendship Games instead. Many sports experts consider Friendship Games better in talent than LA Olympics. Maybe if Soviet Union showed up to Los Angeles, we would know who was best at time for sure. Now we will never know. What a sad time back then. So many people in Soviet Union could not believe that American Eagle would not fly into our mighty Bear den. Maybe soon the Olympics will return to Russia. They would be great games and I hope all countries will compete then. Goodbye and thank you for reading my opinion.

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