I stayed true to my vow to pay little to no attention to the Super Bowl until we were less than a week from it. Now that we're a mere 4 days away, it's time for my 12 reasons the Pats will win the Super Bowl

12. Brady is 3-0 in Super Bowls, I hate when people bring up old facts but hey, my list I'll do what I want

11. Warmer weather=pass happy Patriots offense that dominated the NFL for the first half of the season

10. The Giants secondary is more beat up than the protagonist in a Lifetime movie

9. I still cannot forgive the Giants for giving the NFL a bad name in London earlier this season

8. Eli Manning is about due for a bad game, when better than on the biggest stage of them all

7. The Giants are too sack happy, they will blitz too often and Brady will kill them with the short passes

6. Unlike week 17, Brady won't care whether Randy Moss gets 2 TD catches so double covering him won't be as great of a strategy

5. I'm 18-0 in picking Patriots games this year, and 8-0 in picking the past 8 Super Bowls(had to throw that in)

4. Plaxico Burress provided bulletin board material (/sarcasm)

3. $50 bucks says Tynes would shank a game winner(if necessary)

2. Brady is still pissed Deion Branch won SB MVP last time, he's determined to get No. 3 this year

1. How do you stop a team with all the momentum, give them time off (Ask the Rockies how it worked for them)

My Prediction Patriots 27 Giants 16...moral of the story Touchdowns > Field Goals

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