I’ve always liked the divisional playoffs more than the championship round. This is probably because there are two more games in the divisional round and hey, the more football the better right?

Luckily for all of us, there are some great story lines in the upcoming divisional playoffs. So, in typical Football Crack fashion, we’re going to do a Top 10. Because everybody loves Top 10’s, right? Right? Hello?

10.) The Patriots ongoing quest for 19-0. I know, I know. It’s been beaten to death. But the storyline is there and I had to include it here.

9.) The ongoing Cinderella season from Brett Favre. Admit it; you were part of the 99% of people who didn’t live in Wisconsin who thought he should retire last year.

8.) The opportunity for Peyton Manning to right the ship after his last six interception game against the Chargers. I’m saying he’ll have two interceptions max in this game.

7.) Jaguar Paul Spicer and the aftermath from his “Patriots should be barred from the playoffs” comment after Spygate. The Patriots are saying they don’t need bulletin board material, but you have to wonder.

6.) Another opportunity for Philip Rivers to prove how much he sucks on national television. He had a pretty good game last week, yes, but just wait.

5.) The opportunity for an Eli/Peyton Super Bowl. The likelihood of this happening is probably hovering around 5% but it’s still there.

4.) The ongoing scrutiny of Eli Manning. I have to agree with Michael Strahan when he says that no one in the world is under as much scrutiny as Eli Manning. He plays in New York, and he’s a Manning. Nothing short of a Super Bowl win or to a lesser extent an NFC Championship game appearance will get people off his back.

3.) Tony Romo’s Mexican vacation. Apparently, this past week instead of staying in Dallas and not doing anything at all, Tony Romo went down south with Jessica Simpson. If the Cowboys lose, watch out.

2.) The opportunity for another L.T. post game meltdown. I can’t wait.

1.) “We’re going to get the ball and we’re going to score” Matt Hasselbeck at the beginning of OT during the last Packers/Seahawks playoff game. Al Harris then picked him off for a TD. Will Hasselbeck finally get revenge? Put on NFL Network right now, it’s probably on.

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