It’s (almost) official: Erik Bedard has been traded before Johan Santana.

Bedard is (almost) going from Baltimore to Seattle in a package including CF Adam “Not Pac-Man” Jones. No other names have been made official, but it could include LHP George Sherrill, OF Wladimir Balentien and C Jeff Clement. Interesting that Jones (who is flying from Winter Ball to Baltimore, even thought a deal has apparently not been officially agreed to) was once before summoned from his Winter Ball team, but this time he (well he better not be, because if there is no trade, then the Orioles and Mariners are just plain rude) won’t be going back.

Here is what Twins fans need to realize: Santana is more interested in years than in money. The Twins offered him a 5-year deal that reached in excess of $18 Million per year. If that isn’t effort, than I do not know what is. The supposed hang-up right now is that Santana wants 7 years, and many teams are only willing to offer 6. It’s become increasingly more aware that it's Santana’s contract more than players that is holding up any trade.

Another case for the Twins: The Twins offered Torii Hunter 3-yr/$45 Million. He didn’t want a 3-year deal, and ultimately got overpaid by the Angels. But what is overshadowed by Torii leaving is Delmon Young coming to Minnesota. I don’t think the Twins would’ve traded for Young if they had kept Hunter (an OF of Michael Cuddyer, Hunter and Young is sweet). Young is 10 years younger than Torii and his offensive numbers have been better than Torii’s at this age. He also has an amazing arm, and while his range probably isn’t as good as Torii’s, he is a suitable replacement. So, Torii and his headaches at $18 Million/year or Delmon Young, Justin Morneau, and Michael Cuddyer at just over $21 Million/Year…I take the later.

Charley Walter’s reported on Sunday that a Twins trade with Santana could come within 10 days (by February 6th). I still think that the Mets are the best deal in town, but it’s all a crapshoot. Fernando Martinez, Carlos Gomez, Deolis Guerra, Phillip Humber, Kevin Mulvey, Mike Pelfrey, and Ryan Church have all been listed as possibilities. Most of those names are true-prospects. Pelfrey and Ryan Church have Major League experience. The Twins should demand 3 pitching prospects and more than once of Martinez, Gomez and Church. If it doesn’t work, then try convincing Johan he should stay, or just give him the money and years. Now Charley isn’t the greatest source, but maybe he’s right.

Don’t Blog That: The Twins plan on continuing their Twins Brand Ice Cream, and are looking forward to bringing it to the new stadium

Overheard: Don’t think the Twins aren’t bummed that the Mets traded Lastings Milledge to the Nationals. Milledge would’ve been a CF prospect for the Twins in any Santana trade.

New Uniforms by 2010: Something sleeveless without pinstripes is in the works along with a new script. The new script looks something between what we have now, and what we used to have. Also, look for Red to become a larger secondary part of the uniforms, including using red as the shirt color of a sleeveless jersey (Artist Renderings are on a different computer, but will be coming in a few days).

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