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I'm back...did you miss me? Probably, but you won't admit it. But enough of that locker room-esque talk its time for America's pastime that doesn't require pads, unless you're a catcher or a base coach. Yes, it's time for the sport more tainted than a law passed by Gov. Spitzer. Yes, its time for baseball, and what better way to kick it off than with a bunch of bold predictions from yours truly, the one who said J.D. Drew would come through in the playoffs, the one who said the Yankees would miss the playoffs and the one who has just written a whole paragraph completely irrelevant to baseball anywho here are my bold predictions for the 2008 MLB season...

1. The Boston Red Sox will be swept in the World Series by the New York Mets thanks to a hat holding homerun saving catch by a no name outfielder. (yes I'm still bitter by that Feb 3 incident)

2. The Seattle Mariners will almost make the playoffs but then they realize that they will have to overtake the Angels for the division or possibly the Detroit Tigers/Cleveland Indians/New York Yankees for a wild card, that's a tough wall to climb.

3. Dontrelle absolutely BLOWS IT.

4. Midseason baseball becomes less relevant because Barry Bonds will somehow beat his perjury case.

5. The Los Angeles Dodgers will make the playoffs, but Joe Torre will be snubbed as Manager of the Year because....

6. The Milwaukee Brewers will win the NL Central, and have one of the top records in the league.

7. Dice-K will be an All-Star this year, as well as become a good Cy Young candidate with at least 17 wins

8. Joba Chamberlain is overrated; he will prove my point when he becomes a starter.

9. The St. Louis Cardinals prove once and for all they are the biggest disappointments in Missouri by bombing this season. Pujols will demand a trade at the end of the season, leaving the usual suspects (Sox, Yanks, Mets, Angels) to drool over him.

10. David Ortiz Susan Lucci-ism is finally cured as he finally wins the AL MVP award.