With Tom Brady breaking Peyton Manning’s single season touchdown record I took a look at the two and the record breaking years. Manning’s in 2004 and Brady’s in 2007.

Peyton Manning broke Dan Marino’s single season touchdown record in 2004 by throwing 49 compared to Marino’s 48. Some other Peyton stats from that season: He started all 16 games and only played the first quarter in the final week. He completed 336 of his 497 pass attempts for a 67.6% completion rate. Manning tossed up his 49 touchdowns and only threw 10 interceptions. Peyton threw for 4,557 yards averaging 9.2 yards per completion. His offensive line only allowed him to be sacked 13 times and fumble 5. His quarterback rating for the season was a record 121.1 and he did have a remarkable season before losing in Foxboro to the Patriots in the AFC Championship game.

Tom Brady and the Patriots completed a record season going 16-0. This season Tom Brady broke Peyton Manning’s record. Here are his stats for the 2007 season. Tom started and played most of all 16 games. He completed 398 of his 578 attempts for a 68.9% completion rate. Brady tossed 50 touchdowns and threw only 8 interceptions. He was sacked only 21 times and fumbled 6. He finished the regular season with a 117.2 quarterback rating. We will have to see what Tom Brady and the rest of the Patriots can do in the playoffs but I am sure it will be big.

In 2004 Peyton Manning was throwing passes to Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, Marcus Pollard, Brandon Stokley, Brad Pyatt, and Aaron Moorehead. While in 2007 Tom Brady was tossing his touchdowns to Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Donte Stallworth, Jabar Gaffney, Kyle Brady, Ben Watson, and Kevin Faulk.

Another key thing I believe that should be mentioned is that Peyton Manning plays for the Indianapolis Colts who play their home games in a dome. That means he plays 8 games a year in a dome. The Colts also play the Houston Texans who play in a dome and they also played the Detroit Lions in Detroit that season which is a domed stadium. 10 games in the controlled environment of a dome and only 6 outdoors, while Tom Brady plays for a team who does not play in a dome and plays in the bad New England weather. The only game the Patriots played in a dome was in week 9 against the Indianapolis Colts. 15 outdoor games, most in the northeast where the weather is not great.

All in all I believe that both quarterbacks are two of the greatest to play the game, and are both future hall of famers. Who do you think is the better quarterback?


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